EA promises 'gamer first' used game policy for PS4 and Xbox One

XMNR: How the PS4 and Xbox One handles used games turned into a huge topic for E3 this week. EA Labels president Frank Gibeau weighed in by saying how the mega-publisher plans to handle the controversial subject for the next generation of console.

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Ashlen1951d ago

You'll have to prove it to me.

pompombrum1951d ago

Yeah, EA has always been about the money and will continue to believe that until proven otherwise. Most likely all this will mean is that instead of DRM and online passes, they'll microtransaction us to death. I don't mind when the micro transactions seem like a natural part of the game but knowing EA, they'll design all their games now around them if they don't do so already.

The_KELRaTH1951d ago

But micro transactions, paying a premium price for console version and paying for online via PS+ is all starting to sound like a rather expensive package.

Thisisjuju1951d ago

My thoughts? This is an outright lie.

Upbeat1951d ago

Doubt EA will ever put the gamer first.

Hellsvacancy1951d ago

I they meant The gamers "money" comes first

reef10171951d ago

Yeah ok i will believe it when i see it.

Pillsbury11951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Ea is letting Microsoft do all the dirty work next gen while trying to turn around its image. They don't put gamers first, there is a reason why it's the most hated company in America. Sim city says hi.

FlunkinMonkey1951d ago

I refuse to buy any games with such ridiculous restrictions for the foreseeable future, i'm going to stick to first party ps4 games which shouldn't impose such atrocious capitalist ideologies.

EA can suck a chode

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