Twitch SDK allows streaming on any game, not exclusive to Xbox One

Twitch streaming is not tied to hardware, but software, allowing any game to support streaming.

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Software_Lover1980d ago

I will never use it no matter what platform it's on.

xhi41980d ago

Out of curiosity, why not?

Software_Lover1980d ago

I'm not on social networks.... they steal your info and put it on sites like

I like to play video games in peace, not stream and share videos. I commend the people that do because it actually takes alot of work to become successful. My son, 7, only watches one guy on youtube for his nba 2k videos.

I dont want to.

CrossingEden1980d ago

i have no idea where all these conspiracy nuts came from

KwietStorm1980d ago

From the internet of course.

jonboi241980d ago

Considering streaming is software based and not hardware base like the PS4 this will just use up more of the RAM of the XB1.

My_Outer_Heaven1980d ago

Wow, I will certainly laugh if PS4 gets Twitch, Gaikai and Ustream plus it would be great to get YouTube in HD this time around. Preorder made already :-)

FlameBaitGod1980d ago

Same, b4 it was 50 bucks at GS. They made me pay $100 in deposit! lol

AceofStaves1980d ago

HD YouTube would be a fabulous addition.

Transporter471980d ago

twitch and ustream are both great for streaming, have always used both never solely used one.

NegativeCreepWA1980d ago

I'm looking so forward too recording game play on either console. All those random moments that happen, especially in BF4.

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