80GB PS3 Planned for the UK This Summer?

Retailers have told CVG that they expect the 80GB PS3 - currently out in the US - to hit UK stores by the end of the summer.

UK cash and carry superstore chain, Costco, told a CVG reader that it was clearing out its supply of 40GB PS3 units in preparation for the arrival of the 80GB consoles some time soon. But it's not the only retailer expecting the bigger console in the near future.

A HMV staffer told CVG that, although he had been given no confirmed release date by the retailer, he expects the 80GB console will "very likely" hit the UK soon, especially considering the 40GB PS3's inability to play PS2 games. The 80GB model in the US does include the functionally to play PS2 games.

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celticlonewolf4046d ago

Theres no 80gig model in the US anymore?

Genesis54046d ago

That's not what it says. But I hope they just stick with the 80 and the 40 gig. To cut down on the confusion of to many sku's.

pwnsause4046d ago

the 80gb model does still exist in the US, its just absent for a while till MGS4

JoelR4046d ago

as 1.2 said
The 80 gig is still an official model but they are having supply issues as they get ready for the launch of MGS4

jamesrocks31474046d ago

say... 160GB ? redicious you might say but the xbox 360 elite has a 120GB drive and is £50 quid here in the UK less then the 40GB PS3 i think sony should drop the prise of the 40GB to 250 and bring the ps3 say 160GB or more to £300-£350? the average customer dont know much about these consoles how ever the average customer has learnt the differance in hard drive space on any gadget and as they say "Bigger is better"

pwnsause4046d ago

1. it will cost them money
2. you can upgrade on your own

jamesrocks31474046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

i do think when Resistance 2,home, the revamped PSN store, In game XMB, and the in game communcation firmware,MGS4,killzone2,and all the other good titles come out or around this area of the consoles stage sony should lower the prise possibly with a bigger hard drive with 2 ps3 models the 40GB at a lower prise and a bigger hard drive more then the xbox 360 elite has about £300 quid. in game xmb and communcation along with home.. is a xbox live killer alone.

this would put microsoft on feet

eagle214046d ago

Always happy for my European bro's....

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The story is too old to be commented.