Throwing Digital Sheep-The Last of Us Review

Aaron Stone writes: "The Last of Us is a rare and special game, one that successfully intertwines story and gameplay to create a seamless and magnificent experience. The raw brutality of the world and combat, shows how much Naughty Dog has matured as a developer. With The Last of Us, it’s clear that Naughty Dog have finally made the game they were always meant to, sure the Uncharted series is amazing but The Last of Us… is a masterpiece"

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Walker1953d ago

Most perfect scores i've ever seen for a video game !

plaZeHD1953d ago

WOW. Another 10/10. It just tells you how amazing this game is.

PR_FROM_OHIO1953d ago

Best Game of this Generation!!!!!!!! 2 more days!!!!!!!!!!

MooseWI1953d ago

I really want to buy a PS3 for this game but I don't want my PS3 games to not work on PS4 and have to buy them digitally later.

A2X_1953d ago

Buy a PS3 for PS3 games... and keep it.

Virtual_Reality1953d ago

It is like Naughty Dog settled in a new standard and raised the bar across all platforms.

10 and A everywhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.