Sony Store to feature PS1 for the PSP

Here's a very positive piece of news from Sony Computer Entertainment's Gamers Day: Sony revealed how PS1 games would end up on PSP's memory stick.

The PSP will get its games from the PS3. Instead of building a network specifically for the PSP, or trying to connect the PSP to Sony's Connect service, gamers can log into the PlayStation Store using their PS3, find your favorite PS1 games there, buy and download them, and then enjoy it on your PSP.

IGN speculates that that the PlayStation Store will also be integrated into the PSP in a future PSP firmware update. For now though, the console is integral for digital distribution. A number of PS1 gamers are already listed on the PlayStation Store.

HiSpeedSoldier616331d ago (Edited 6331d ago )

I initially thought psone-to-psp funtionality would be a little more complex than this, but this is definetly great news; this great new ps3 feature will most likely cause a spike in psp hardware sales.

Just the thought of playing Final Fantasy 9 and Super Puzzle Fighter on the go gives me the urge to start my own psp fund.

Gamestop probably won't be happy about this, since people won't have to purchase used psone games from them and pay their ridiculous prices; Super Puzzle Fighter was $40 last time I checked. Luckily I bought it a few years ago when it wasn't considered a rarity.

AzaziL6329d ago

Just another way to force someone to buy a ps3. Why couldn't they just allow it to be online instead of an exclusive to ps3 owners only. For sure I'll be getting a ps3, just not for a while as it took at least a half year to get ahold of a 360 for normal price without bundles. I was looking forward to this too, but I guess that's sony for ya. Forever it will take to play a portable final fantasy, grrrr!!!


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