MySpace Ends All Games

Go to visit any game on MySpace from today, and you will be greeted with a page telling you that the page can not be found. That is because MySpace has unexpectedly shut down all games on the site; ultimately alienating tens of thousands of its players; leaving them and several game developers in the dark.

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optimus4048d ago

that reminds me, i haven't logged in in yrs. i need to see if any of my "friends" are still on it...i got an email telling me they rebuilt the site and it is designed more around music...i bet justin timberlake is kicking himself over that investment.

doctorstrange4048d ago

A million dollars isn't cool, you know what's cool? Losing a million dollars on a social site.

optimus4048d ago

i think he payed more than that.


Star Wars: Hunters Review | GamingonPhone

Vince Zyle writes "Star Wars Hunters is a really fun game! It’s not as good as other Star Wars games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 but coming from a developer like Zynga who worked on very underwhelming and low-quality titles before, this is a major upgrade.

There’s not much objectively wrong with the game aside from the work needed to make visuals smoother during animations. That’s one of the biggest issues at present alongside frame drops that occur from time to time when there’s too much going on which isn’t too bad but certainly noticeable.

In conclusion, Star Wars Hunters is a game for arena shooter fans who are looking for an action-filled game. Some of the other issues will hopefully be ironed out with future updates."

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Take Two's Purchase of Zynga is Practically AOL Time Warner 2: Electric Boogaloo

The acquisition of Zynga by Take-Two Interactive might become the video game industry's version of the AOL Time Warner merger.

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darthv72913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

I have to give props for the use of Electric Boogaloo reference. I don't think many young folk will even know what that is.

On topic... wasn't that where Don Mattrick went after leaving XB?

Lighter9911d ago

I'm not that young tbh. I only remember the reference from Family Guy.


Zynga hires Matt Wolf as VP of blockchain gaming

Mobile publisher and developer Zynga, with the hiring of Matt Wolf as VP, seeks to reaffirm its intentions to enter blockchain gaming.

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