PS3 and sharing downloads: Confirmed

Here's a bit good news for those opting to download from Sony's PlayStation Store: by logging on to an online account, the user can download their files from not only their PS3, but from up to 4 other PS3's (that's a total of 5).

Here's how it works: after a PS3 owner logs on, any content they've purchased from the site is ready for download any time they want. By logging in their account on another PS3, they can also download the file to that particular unit.

This feature should have its uses, like when you want to show a friend your latest product purchase, or if your PS3's conked out (we won't ask how), and you're still opting to play that PS1 DL you've just purchased.

bilal6420d ago

great, i want to play some of the ps1 titles....


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