Alan Wake Confirmed For September

In case you haven't heard, Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller from Remedy, the developer of successful titles including Max Payne and Max Payne 2. The game is due for the Xbox 360 and PC - and has been re-confirmed once again for September 2008.

The game puts the player in control of Alan Wake, a successful horror writer until he lost his muse and love (all very Silent Hill so far). He travels to Bright Falls in order to start afresh and come to terms with his loss. He writes a book about his nightmares (as you do as a successful author, as Stephen King will attest to) but unfortunately, these nightmare begin to come true.

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HighDefinition5175d ago (Edited 5175d ago )

cause this was suppose to be out in 2005/2006. I wanted it badly then, now not so much.

chaosatom3335175d ago (Edited 5175d ago )

LBP and killzone 2 has some competition. Forget about my other post.

Personally, I never seen Microsoft pursue a action adventure game, so it will be interesting.

edit: "Apparently this will give it a combined feel of Silent Hill or Resident Evil mixed with Grand Theft Auto"
oh wait, i was getting my hopes up for nothing. This looks like a zombie-killing game.
Isn't dead rising doing that also?

I think 360s owners would rather play RE5 than this. Those 360 owners that played RE4 know what I am talking about.

MURKERR5175d ago (Edited 5175d ago )

for me,hope it gets good reviews

sonarus5175d ago

lol why disagree with a pc purchase. It has already been confirmed for pc and anyone without an X360 will be able to play on pc.

Sayai jin5175d ago

@Sonarus-Not anyone. People with a PC capable of running the software. Not everyones computer can do this. I know several people that have brout a 360 or PS3 or both, beccuase they do not want to fork over the duckets for a PC upgrade.

CrazzyMan5175d ago (Edited 5175d ago )

1) disagreeing ALSO means, that a man, who pressed dissagree button will not get PC version, while man, who pressed agree button will probably ALSO get PC version.

2) @Sayai jin, by the time of game release every 399$ costing PC will be able to run Alan Wake.
It`s already today`s 399$ costing PC can without problem run UT3, GeoW, CoD4 and even Crysis at medium. -> and this one is not even with GF9600GT.
And it`s NOT the best idea to ignore PC exclusives -> =)

3) anyway, i somehow doubt, that game will come this year, But it would be great if it will.

p.s. need bubbles, thnx. =)

Sayai jin5175d ago

@CrazzyMan- BTW, I usully only disagree if someone rights relly ridiculous, tunnel visioned response and even then, not always. Your response was level headed, hence I did not disagree with you. Anyways, I know even some current or future inexpensive PC's wil be able to run the game. The point is not everyone will have the money to buy one, especially if they have a PC for general purpose and brought a current console. My point remains the same. Not nyone that does not own the 360 will be able to get it for the PC.

True, it would be nice if the game comes out this year. I have heard from credible souces that it will be release Sep to Oct 08.

Mr Playboy5174d ago (Edited 5174d ago )

I think you mean KZ2 not alan wake not sure about that

I already have 360 this game gonna be big hit in 2008

This game is developed by Remedy Entertainment the creators of Max payne, well I think I got enough excuse to buy this game

HighDefinition5174d ago

who makes it.

but that doesn`t change it was suppose to be out in 2005/2006.

KZ2 was shown in 2005/2006, it wasn`t suppose to come out then.


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AlterEgo5175d ago

good luck against LBP and KZ2

well, at least its a different genre i guess, but we'll have to wait and see

wageslave5175d ago

Alan Wake will outsell both those titles. Alan Wake is going to be the BioShock or Mass Effect of 2008, big story, in-depth story telling and ground-breaking in many ways.

KZ2 is going to be the most expensive failure in videogame history -- the Ishtar of videogames if you will.

And, LBP has much to prove, so far, it looks like a physics toy? LBP == much to prove, and not looking like its more than Halo 3's Foundry without the fun.

fenderputty5175d ago (Edited 5175d ago )

one would be skeptical of LBP selling tons. Mostly beacuse the game needs to be marketed to the masses in order for them to know what is going on. Sack boys aren't enough alone. They need to really push the create and share aspects of the game. This is obvious since you're trying to compare it to Halo's foundry which is 1/1000th the freedom that LBP gives you.

KZ2 has just as much of a chance to sell as Alan Wake does. Neither of the titles are proven. Not much is known about either one of them as far as features and gameplay. Although I believe we've seen more from KZ2 then Alan Wake. I know I'm not wrong when I say it wowed the industry last year. To claim failure before it's launched makes it seem like MS sent you a magic 8 ball.

As far as Alan Wake is concerned, I hope it comes out this year. I want to see how it turns out. I know I wouldn't mind getting a 360 sometime in the future and this title is one that interests me.

Sevir045175d ago

we could say the same thing about alan wake being an epic failure, considering how much it's been delayed and delayed, to the point of rumors being formed that it was scrapped. just be happy the game is coming out STHU!!!! damn fankids

meepmoopmeep5175d ago

i'd like to see some gameplay footage and learn more about the story

nirwanda5175d ago (Edited 5175d ago )

Has been made the the game engine in much the same way MGS4 has what I really want to see is someone playing the 360 version anyway I have included a screenshot that shows the compass that points the way to your next objective that looks more like an gameplay screenshot

solar5175d ago (Edited 5175d ago )

egads. whats in that engine bay? looks like someone puked.

nirwanda5175d ago

it won't let me post the 720p screenshot you should see it at full rez here

solar5175d ago

that looked better. i can actually see the radiator cap. what engine is the game using?

nirwanda5175d ago

It's there own engine they have been developing since max paine 2 it uses multi core processors working in tandem with the gpu to render the graphics it has a draw distance of 2 kilometers this detailed and the game word is 26 square miles all on one DVD

Sevir045175d ago

those screens are beautyfull, though i suspect those are the PC screens because they dont specify which version. still i dont think the xbox 360 is too far from that i mean the level of AA on that was insane, theres just no way the 360 can have that level of AA it's to PC perfect. either way my interest has peeked again for this game, and i'll likey purchase it or rent it for my PC.

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slak5175d ago (Edited 5175d ago )

I don't think this is confirmed ........never mind