Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Shares Relevant Details on PlayStation Plus Requirement for Multiplayer on PS4

A lot of questions are being asked by the fans on the caveats of the PlayStation Plus requirements for multiplayer with the upcoming PS4, and Sony Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida provided some straight answers.

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xhi44053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Wow I'm seriously loving Sony's new attitude. This is what makes companies so successful.

Great to hear that there will still be a ton you can do for those that can't afford the $49 a year PS Plus like play Driveclub online, MMOs and free to plays like Planetside 2, Warframe and DC Universe.

He's right, Sony is a company and for them to be sustainable (especially with their current financial predicament) and how they're providing all the new services like Gaikai, sharing video streams live, watching what your friends are doing online etc. that's got to cost an absolute enormous amount.

This is the only business model that for consumers is still a bargain but can still allow Sony to invest heavily into the future of their online infrastructure and features.

EDIT: I'm seriously still excited about the day when Gaikai launches through PS Plus the entire PS1, PS2 & PS3 backlog. That will be EPIC! Smart move purchasing Gaikai.

Abriael4053d ago

Also, this allows them to sell the console cheaper, giving a lower entry point for those that don't care to play online. Options to pay only for what you actually want are always paramount IMHO.

AngryTypingGuy4053d ago

Sony is being straightforward, humble and honest, and it is paying off.

irepbtown4053d ago

PS+ is already great, imagine what's in store for us next Gen!!!!

I've never been a fan of paying to play online, however being able to play used games, no DRM (first party games), no need to be connected to the internet all the time etc... I can live with £40 a year for PS+. Sony will return the £40 in the form of games, DLCs, themes, and so on.

I 100% agree with you Abriael, choice is what matters. If you don't give consumers choice, you're doomed.

Ritsujun4053d ago

PS+, at the moment, offers 5 to 6 free games per month. That's 60+ free games per year.
Lots of discounts.
1GB cloud storage for PS3, 1GB cloud storage for PSVITA.
Auto firmware/gamepatch update. Auto gamesave upload.
Free themes, free avatars.
Access to closed betas and early demos.
Full game trials.

It seems that PS+ will be offering 3 PS4 games for free (Driveclub's one of them) on PS+ at PS4 launch.
I'm expecting 7 to 8 free games per month after the launch of PS+ on PS4.

C4BL34053d ago

this is exactly what my thoughts were when I read his comments. Really want to go get a PS3 now. I am totally done with M$ and the xbox. Now what to do with my 360..??



If you're really done with 360 (and the same apply for any other current gen system) I advise you to sell it while the value is good, maybe put it torwards pre-order for next gen if you had already made your decision. Once those new consoles are out lots of people will trade in PS3 and 360 and value in bound to decrease... But remember you'll be consoleless 'till next gen releases, so I would only do that if I had another gaming machine (gaming PC, handheld console or another main console), I can't really imagine not gaming for months anymore.

Dee_914053d ago

Do we have to have ps+ on all accounts or just one?

Oner4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

@Dmarc ~ Sony has already said you only need 1 PS+ account on your PS4 and ALL other accounts on that system will be able to play online multiplayer for free on top of being able to use that PS+ on/with your PS3 & PSVita. Additionally you DO NOT need PS+ on your PS4 to be able to use things like Netflix, Hulu+, Facebook etc. as it is currently on PS3/PSV.

guitarded774053d ago

@ Dmarc

Technically, it's just one profile tied to the PS+ account, but with the current set-up on PS3, all accounts on the console can access the PS+ free games.

I assume this will be the same with PS4. As long as the PS+ account is tied to the console, all users on that console should be able to access online and free PS+ games. I'm just speculating, but that's how it works right now.

BattleAxe4052d ago

Sony makes perfect sense here. I like how you can not only still use web applications like Netflix and Youtube without the use of PS+, but you can also play Free 2 Play games like Planetside 2, DC Universe online and Dust 514 without PS+, otherwise I guess they wouldn't technically be Free 2 Play. I'm ok with this :)

Ausbo4052d ago

i dont know why people have and issue with paying $5 dollars a month on online. Its not really a big deal. Sony is doing the right thing.

Although I don't like all the hypocrisy the psfanboys are showing. The same people who ripped xbox last week for paying to play online.

insomnium24052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )


Well people are not paying to play online with PS+. It's not the same as xblg has been for years. Do you even know how many games Sony gives us with plus? I am and would continue being a plus member with or without online play included in the pricetag. It's THAT good.

Once you dl the free games they are your forever as long as your membership is paid for. My backlog of games exploded after joining PS+. The games keep piling up and I have no way of playing all of the games I'm interested in (damn you real life). PS+ is just ridiculous in that aspect.

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dedicatedtogamers4053d ago

Planetside and DCU are NOT behind the paywall? Yet another megaton, considering that all f2p games on Xbox One require a paid Gold account.

M-M4053d ago

That got me as well, I thought you would have to be apart of PS+ since he said multiplayer required it. Big win for Sony.

AmkOwns4053d ago

I'm wondering how many system's can be shared with my account

P_Bomb4053d ago

You can't even play the free-to-play Doritos Crash Course 2 on an account that doesn't have Gold. Found out yesterday when my daughter was playing on my wife's gamertag and got denied, even though I have Gold on my side and have played the game before.

Just reaffirmed how broken and dated XBL has become when even F2P Doritos shovelware has these paywalls. Disgusting, considering all I need is one PS Plus sub' and every account gets access to every game I download.

Dannycr4053d ago

You do have to play PS + to be able to play Planetside and DCU. It's the same as Xbox Liv Gold. The difference is that DCU and Planetside 2 don't charge any monthly/yearly fee like WOW.

DCU is currently Free to play in PSN, meaning, ZERO charges at all and you can get it even if you dont have PS Plus

wishingW3L4053d ago

and those are not the only ones. There are many more F2P games like:


Blacksite Retribution

dedicatedtogamers4053d ago

@ Dannycr

No, you do not have to have PS+ for those. Yoshida says:

"there will be some free to play titles that you’ll be able to play without needing a PS Plus subscription, like PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online."

P_Bomb4053d ago


no, Planetside and DCUO will *not* require PS Plus. From the article:

[QUOTE]...there will be some free to play titles that you’ll be able to play without needing a PS Plus subscription, like PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online.[/QUOTE]

Dark_Eternal4053d ago

Yeah, not very "free to play" on XBL, are they?