E3 2013: Ryse Multiplayer, Kinect Details Revealed

IGN: Crytek and Microsoft let a few fascinating details about the multiplayer mode in Xbox One launch title Ryse slip. We were there to take notes.

Loki864055d ago

This sounds awesome, can't wait to try it.


Interview: The Outlast Trials Dev Talks Project Lupara and Beyond

Game Rant speaks with The Outlast Trials game director Alex Charbonneau about the massive Project Lupara update and some ideas for future content.

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Worlds Part I Update - No Man's Sky

Worlds Part I: Introducing Update 5.0. Featuring huge leaps in water and cloud visuals, increased planetary diversity, new gameplay features, and more.

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Rush Is EA Sports FC 25's Exciting New 5v5 Experience [Wccftech]

EA Sports FC 25 will ditch Volta in favor of the brand new 5v5 experience Rush, integrated into all modes. Wccftech tried it and felt it was really fun.

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S2Killinit10h ago

Pretty interesting mode actually. I would really like to try it, it sounds exciting in a way that Volta never was.

peppeaccardo6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

I will never buy an EA game again in my life after the dumpster fire of BF 2042 .... over and out !