Infamous Second Son Has Multiplayer

inFamous: Second Son will include a multiplayer mode, an official PlayStation 4 brochure has suggested.

The game's page in the document lists Second Son's player count, stating that the game will support 1 player offline, with "online players TBC".

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pr0t0typeknuckles3147d ago

cool,im not a big multiplayer guy at all but the one game i always wantedd to have it was infamous,it always felt perfect for multiplayer.

xHeavYx3147d ago

Imagine jumping down from a building like this to other people?

ThatCanadianGuy5143147d ago

Can't wait.The E3 trailer was amazing too.Loved that phoenix style rise and divebomb.

Mr_Nuts3147d ago

Hmmm I suppose if it's like Uncharteds that would be alright..except instead of weapons you could choose for a HUGE variety of powers, like you main power (Fire, Frost, Shock etc) which will all be the same animations/moves so it will be balanced then you have your special secondary power which can only be used once per match (Time control, teleporting, flying, fast speed, invincible).

That would be amazing in my book if done right

HeavenlySnipes3147d ago

Hopefully its like God of War Ascensions

Rusty5153147d ago

Hope it's open world like GTAs online and you can customize your powers...

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The story is too old to be commented.