Hans Zimmer: I'd be open to doing a project with Nintendo

"If you’ve watched any movies in the past few years, chances are you’ve come across the music of Hans Zimmer. The Batman films, Pirates of the Caribbean and Inception are just a few soundtracks that the German composer has created but now, he’d love to turn to Nintendo. Although not a stranger to video games after doing the soundtracks to games including Crysis2 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, it’d be the first time the composer turned to Nintendo."

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kgamer203394d ago

They should get Mr Zimmer to compose for Zelda WiiU, it would make the boss battles feel epic!

Gratisfaction3394d ago

That would be awesome! Wish he could do stuff for Smash Bros!

3-4-53394d ago

It would be better to use his music in a brand new IP, so as to help sell it via the music as one good aspect of the game.

WeAreLegion3394d ago

Did anyone catch his Reddit AMA? What a wonderful person. :)

ZoidsRaven3394d ago

I like what they did with Bane's theme, they should try something with Zelda or Metroid.