Watch the PlayStation LiveCast Here – PS4, The Dark Sorcerer, Destiny, Tearaway, inFamous, More

Did you think that it was all over? Wrong! Sony is hosting a PlayStation Livecast throughout the day that will take a close look at tons of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita titles throughout the day, and you can watch it right now. - PSLS

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mrmancs4003d ago

Ha haaa this is to shut up the droning on by xbone fans saying the xbone showed more better games? Keep dreaming and watch....

mrmancs4003d ago

Dark sorcerer is so funny , dam shame it isn't being made into a game , I hope quantum dreams do a game set in the fantasy realm with those graphics....

Y_51504003d ago

It was odd. I don't know that you play a life of an actor of that first part was the game and they parodied their own game

Pintheshadows4003d ago

It wasn't a game at all. It even said before hand. It was a tech demo like the one they did with the sexy android girl.

mrmancs4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Supposedly you don't play a actor or wizard it was purely a tech demo of what a ps4 can do so the parody was purely in The name of comedic exploit , I loved it.. And if the ps4 can muster facial drama like that .. Wow.

Y_51504003d ago

^Thanks guys, I was just confused. Now I love it. :)

Lord_Frieza4003d ago

beyond two souls looks just as impressive as the last of us

LightofDarkness4003d ago

My god, Ustream is just awful. Any other options?

JoeReno4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

I watched most of the presser in spanish (which I can understand kinda) but the english stream kicked me out after freezing a dozen times. But the youtube stream was flawless for me

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How Does inFAMOUS Second Son Hold up 10 Years Later?

inFAMOUS Second Son was one of PS4's best exclusives, but does it hold up a decade later?

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Deeeeznuuuts136d ago

100%, locked 60fps and still look great all these years later, same with the expansion, definitely worth a look if people haven't played it yet, not the best games ever made but a good experience, hopefully a new infamous gets released

KwietStorm_BLM136d ago

Never was my favorite infamous, but it was definitely a graphics showcase early on PS4. Still plays well with the unlocked frame rate.

SDuck136d ago

Still remember getting hyped about this game nearing release. Funny because I never even got a PS4. Jumped from PS3 to PC so I never played it ahahaha

OmegaSoldati136d ago

Its a good game. But thats it. Congratulations you made the best choice. I dream to have a great PC one day.

Profchaos136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Graphically It's a absolutely stunning game that still holds up today.

Didn't have all that much depth to it forcing you to play though twice for a platinum trophy a good and bad run it was a little disappointing how similar those were Delsin would be like I'm not doing that for you in a cutscene but the cutscene would play out and force you to do it anyway just as you would of in a good run

I did like the story however it got a lot of complaints back in the day people hated playing as Delsin instead of cole despite Coles story being wrapped up.

Overall though the map wasn't overly saturated with useless points of interest there was some collectibles and things to find but nothing compared to a Ubisoft game.

I think it was a good game if a little hollow I've played it through around 4 times now since it's so short.

Also it's DLC was great a full story expansion

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15 More Underrated PS4 Games You Probably Didn’t Play

GB: "With this feature, we run down 15 of the most underrated games on the PS4 that never received the love and appreciation they truly deserve."

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