Battlefield: Bad Company boycott is born

Based on the widely reported news that EA has confirmed that Battlefield: Bad Company will not ship with all of its weapons available to players, opting instead to charge players for extra weapons, it appears at least a few people are upset enough to try and do something about it.

From the article: "How, in good conscience, can EA take more money out of fan's pockets, who have already spent 60 bucks on the game. EA has said that the game's weapons are appropriately balanced and that the new guns won't unbalance a game. If that's the case, then why buy them? What value do they even have? I'm not buying what EA is selling and you shouldn't either.

It's time to boycott EA's Battlefield: Bad Company."

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LGFreedom5666d ago

The beta is good, no doubt, but unless they change their DLC, I agree with the guys from sarcasticgamer, I will not buy this game.

I'm voting with my wallet.

Drekken5666d ago

after the crap they put together for AoT, EA is on my Shiit list. I am done with this garbage company.

gamesR4fun5666d ago

ya i wont either but lots of stupid peeps out there already holding their collective ankles for the ol EA ramrod

bumnut5666d ago

it will be a dry ramrod too!!

shadowghost7525666d ago (Edited 5666d ago )

Not buying it, wouldn't get it even if it was being given away.

EA always rip us, the consumer, off no matter what console we own

shadowghost7525666d ago

EA recently are producing shoddy games (i.e. Half Life 2 on the PS3) and they now dare to charge us for downloading a few guns, pathetic.

Not buying it

JSA-Gamer5666d ago

The Beta is great fun, too bad EA is screwing the long time faithful with bonus guns you have to buy.

I'm voting with my wallet too. I vote boycott.