EA's Response to Used PlayStation Games is Less than Nuclear

Steven Strom provides his opinion on EA's response to PlayStation 4's used game policy at E3 2013.

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US8F1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Lol, EA going with the flow, even though they would have been happier if they made more money out of our used games. No one is greedier than EA, I'm sorry

Even when microsoft didn't impose DRM EA did, and they scraped their online restrictions hoping that MS influences sony to go DRM, but thank god they didn't and they are going to reassess their stand.

Edit: @muerte I meant when it came to the 360. I don't deny ms is greedier and arrogant right now

Muerte24941981d ago

approached them with a ton of money and the DRM idea.

darthv721981d ago

MS came forward to say that while their system will require a once a day check in, DRM is still up to the publishers to impose.

sony came out to say they wont require a checkin but that DRM is still up to the publishers to impose.

Really, they are both in the same boat still. I would venture a guess that both could stand to profit from the 3rd parties that want to impose such sanctions.

both platforms are designed to accommodate the needs of the publisher. Sony says they wont require online but the 3rd party can make their game require online so that implies the platform must be able to do that.

remember people, sony and Ms are the platform holders and regardless of their personal policies, they also must grant 3rd parties control over their individual policies.

neither side is completely clear in this situation.


Muerte24941981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

There not even in the same hemisphere. Sony leave the option up to publishers. "That's up to the publishers and their relationship with the consumer", said Jack Tretton. On PS4, 3rd party don't have to have DRM at all. On Microsoft, even if the publisher doesn't put in on their game, Microsoft will put DRM on regardless.

No, 3rd party can only restrict the online portion of the game, ala Online Pass. Given the reaction from gamers at Sony's press conference, most analyst would advise against it.

I don't know why you're continuing to lump Sony in with Microsoft despite all the evidence. Microsoft approached publishers with this DRM on every game. Since they got the nod from two of the big three (EA, Ubisoft) they implemented it into the system.

I don't agree with your "they're basically the same" approach. Sony has done everything to contradict that notion. Steam on PC allows you like a month without requiring you to sync. Even then you can still play your games offline as long as the steam client is on your computer.

Off topic: Ryse was Xbox One's best looking game. TitanFall has the best gameplay. Problem is, it's more of the same. Ryse is QTE on rails (originally for Kinect), and TitanFall is available on PC.

MS thought they could just write a check for IPs and everything will be fine. We, as gamers, would forgive their practices. You dare call us thieves to our faces and expect us to still support your product?

SlavisH21981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I can see publishers moving towards x1 because they adopted their policies but consumer moving to ps4 because they selected their interests. Next-gen will be interesting!

ZBlacktt1981d ago

No way, the money is where the people are. Sony knew if they topped everything MS did. Millions of gamers would move that direction from the XBox and they have. Thus making up a lot of money for Sony. So it all works out in the end for them and us Sony users.

SlavisH21981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Sony has hardcore not the people. That was there issue early with ps3. The Causal gamer, which is a larger market, are up in the air. That's why wii won last gen with sells without 3rd party support. So no, nothing is guaranteed!

ZBlacktt1981d ago

Come on the Wii is a low low level entry console made for kids and such. It didn't play movies, has no hard drive... A Honda and a Lamborghini are both cars. But yeah....

Larry L1981d ago


While I won't go so far as to say casual gaming was a fad......because even hardcore gamers like good casual games. I do think that how BIG casual games got on the Wii was a fad.

If you think about it, aside from those rediculous hardware sales Wii got in it's first 4 or 5 years, at this the end of the generation.....does it really feel like Nintendo "won this generation"? Wii was a fad.......a HUGE one......but a fad nontheless. MS and Sony pretty much split this generation. MS probably won in software sales (though I don't know this, just an educated guess), and Sony won in terms of Public Relations. Nintendo just kinda got a HUGE install base that really only bought select games in big numbers, while the majority sold like 37 copies.

plaZeHD1981d ago

Definitely. It would be interesting.

MontyQ1981d ago

publisher well always move to where the gamers are as they are the ones that buy the games that make them $$$

look at wiiU no one wants to make games for it because of the low install base so devs/publishers are not flocking to it.

hence they go where the ppl are as they are the ones buying what they pump out

marchinggamer1981d ago

If bf4 has DRM on Xbox one you bet
It will be on the ps4 version or there won't be a ps4 version

WolfOfDarkness1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Another a great news for Sony and guess from who ?! Microsoft ...Microsoft Even making it WORSE !

Asian gamers will jump on PS4 !

According to Alan Bowman, Microsoft's Regional VP for Sales andMarketing in Asia, the new console will launch in Taiwan,Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and India around late 2014 , These are all regions that have been marked as gaming high-growth areas byMicrosoft -- the VP added that the Xbox 360 became the top-selling console in Asia this year.

The company's also pointed to its next-generation Kinect sensor, one that will work in "dramatically reduced" room spaces and, according Bowman, will be better attuned to Asian gamers who might not have living room space in their homes.

What !?

medman1981d ago

The Xbox 360 sells well in the U.S. and the U.K. The PS4 dominates in just about every other market. "Asian gamers" as you say, won't care. Especially when the PS4 is more powerful, has the franchises they love, and comes in at substantially less cost. They may not have even heard of Xbox One yet.