New Screens Supreme Commander X360

Here are fifteen new screenshots of the recently delayed Xbox 360 version of Supreme Commander. Looks very nice by the way.

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Rattles3860d ago



am i?

iAmPS33860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

Another PS2 quality game for the 3rdFixMe?????

Ops. wait up, PS2 has far better games than that. =D

And BOTS go all crazy when we say all you have to play this year is Queers of War 2. LOL

JasonPC360PS3Wii3860d ago

Oh... wait they arn't out yet. Hey wern't those game supposed to be out "last year"? Know what is real sad? Gears of War 2 was announced just a few weeks ago, and it's going to drop in November. Those 4 PS3 games I mentioned above, were announced years ago and you still don't have a clear release date.

Well I guess it's back to waiting, or I could just play one of the one of the 370+ games already out for the 360 "this gen".

Here's to waiting (clinks glasses) opps sorry yours is empty, were still waiting on the delivery. XD

iAmPS33860d ago

How hard it's to get Queers of War update a few lights and physics and release the same thing again??? Plz, any company can do that in a few months.

Look at what Insomniac is doing, releasing a massive update to the engine/graphics/physics/multip layer and really fast. Epic is gonna show something really impressive when they release their games exclusively to the PS3, which might happen sooner than you think.

All those titles are brand new technologies, ground braking proprietary engines that are changing the way we play games.

Killzone 2, Final Fantasy, MGS4 and GT5 are not in store yet cause the PS3 is one year younger than the 3rdFixMe, does that make any sense to your RROD damaged brain?

Good luck Jason, I hope Queers 2 is really awesome cause I feel bad that you don't have anything great to play this year.

Truplaya3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

This game is pretty dull on a PC so it will only be worse on a console. One to forget about i think.

I'd rather have the original Total Annihilation on the XBLA, it was a much better game.

Truplaya3860d ago

@ IamPS3

I dont see any RTS games coming out for the PS3 so you really should just go and play ratchet and clank and STFU.

You really give PS3 owners a bad name, i tihnk i might go and sell mine now just because you've made me feel like a twat for owning the same console as someone like you.

iAmPS33860d ago

Ohhh, plz sell your PS3 today, you are a disgrace of a gamer just to think that this game is worth something.

People like you that supports sorry ass lazy developers that make sh1tty games and still charge people $60 bucks for them.

If i want RTS games I play on my PC with mouse and keyboard, won't even bother turn my PS3 on for crap like that.

STFU and go back to the Gamer Zone.

Chubear3860d ago

lol, you make it seem like you're doing someone else harm by doing that lol. You only hurt yourself dude XD

Anyways, great to see consoles getting a good share of RTS goodness this gen and I'm sure there are more to come. BFME II showed that RTSs can be done very well on consoles w/ a control pad and others have shown this too.

With RTS games like C&C:ra3, World in Conflict, Battlestations:Pacific, The Wall & End War; MMO RTSs like Kingdom under Fire; and great TBS games like CIV:rev, Desgaea3, White Knight story, the PS3 fanbase looks to be covered this year and early next year for strategy games.

Yayyyy for strategy :D

RobertGonz693860d ago

Rather play all RTS games on my PC. Better control.

Chubear3860d ago

Console RTSs are not PC RTSs. They are made for the console gamer in mind so if you don't like console RTSs then don't play console RTSs. If you prefer PC RTSs then play PC RTSs - simple.

dexterwang3860d ago

I'm a heavy RTS player and I played both BFME2 and C&C on my 360 and really, they work well with the controller, and I was actually kinda surprised how well, but if you played it on PC, you'd still be frustrated... the whole gameplay feels slowed down

Note that BFME2 and C&C are pretty tiny in terms of scale. Maybe 10-20 units need to be controlled at one time? I played the heck out of supcom and often there are massive battles where u have to manage 100 units in 3 different army, air land and sea. I use hot keys like never before and yes theres a TON of strategy involved. Just don't see how they can do it without slowing the gameplay unless they make it key/mouse compatible.

I have nothing against console RTS, but feel that this game in particular would work horribly compared to its PC counterpart.

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