Invizimals arrive on PS Vita and PS3 this October – see the new trailer

Sony have announced that Invizimals: The Alliance (PS Vita) and Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom (PS3) will be released this October across the PAL region.
That’s right, those mysterious creatures are back and only your PS Vita can find them in Invizimals: The Alliance.
So get ready to hunt, capture and battle on your PS Vita in your mission to lead the Invizimals to a safe haven and protect them from an evil new foe.

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Godmars2903763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Boy. The PSV and PS3 really could have benefited from better pacing and showing games like this.


Then again Sony needed to talk to the hardcore at E3, and this game doesn't.

Fat-Milkers3763d ago

I really want to buy a PSV. Do you think its worth getting one now or around the time of PS4 launch? What's the game library like? Is there enough great releases? :)

Xaphy3763d ago

library is amazing

talocaca3763d ago

Definitely...I have more than 15 games already. some original and some ports...hopefully more will be announced in the coming days.

Fat-Milkers3763d ago

Thanks guys, after The Last of Us, ill think I'll get one.

Shinobi1003763d ago

It has some must have unique experiences like Gravity Rush & the upcoming Tearaway. And if you get a thrill out of unique versions of mega-popular IPs like I do, AC: Liberation, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Killzone: Mercs will be must haves. There are some oddities like Spy Hunter that would any make it in the handheld realm that I think are worth it if your main goal is fun. Plus you can take all these games on the go!

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kayoss3763d ago

Invizamal is a perfect game for the PS Vita. Mobile, camera, touchscreen, and AR.

Shinobi1003763d ago

Wish the Vita version was gettin the whole adventure in their world experience. Not sure if huntin em down in my world excites me enough to pick this up


Sony is promoting the PS Vita with a new Christmas trailer

Sony's latest attempt to promote the PS Vita before the Christmas holiday is a new trailer showing off some of its latest titles(Tearaway,invizimals,LEG O Marvel super heroes) and the unique features of the handheld

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GdaTyler3579d ago

Sony is marketing Vita? What sorcery is this? Oh this is Europe. At least they advertise it there and in Japan unlike in US.

thehobbyist3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Even though the Vita's highest sales numbers are US... Sony needs to get it's act together

thejigisup3579d ago

Where is th remote play being shown, oh wait it isnt. Smh one of the best features of this system isn't marketed at all. And by far that commercial was one of the lamest I've seen for a handheld

sinncross3579d ago

so advertising games targetted at kids for the holiday season is lame all of a sudden?

qu1ckset3579d ago

To be honest unless playing a simple game like knack or need for speed , I didnt enjoy it that much , yes the streaming works really well but the lack of L2/R2 and L3/R3 make it hard to play a lot of games IMO

I couldn't be bothered buying thy vita knowing the vita slims are coming next year , I ended up importing a black/black vita slim and loving it , I don't mind the LCD screen , it's really sharp and crisp

DanielGearSolid3579d ago

They should've brought the Vita redesign stateside b4 christmas

thehobbyist3579d ago

Especially the one that comes with the 16gb memory card. That'd sell like hot cakes.

adis4gr3579d ago

sony isnt promoting vita since the console is lagging after the last update

Protagonist3579d ago

What are you talking about, stop spreading lies!

BelkingOfSony3579d ago

Stop trolling. At least provide a source to back up your claim, otherwise keep your insecurities to yourself.

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Wild New Invizimals TV Spot

A brand-new TV Spot for Sony's monster battling Invizimals franchise has been released, showing off the AR functionality of PlayStation Vita exclusive Invizimals: The Alliance; as well as its cross-play functionality with its PlayStation 3 counter part Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom.

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H4all3622d ago

got my attention..
will grab this one on vita..
look's cool..
really wan't to EVOLVE the monster..

remanutd553622d ago

What? sony advertising a psvita game? am i dreaming? is it real?

Vitalogy3622d ago

Well, it's out in the Portuguese PS Store at €24,99 and I haven't seen a single tv spot or anything related. In fact the Portuguese PS website states the game will be out in October 2013, not even the day was displayed and I can't confirm which day the game was put in the store as I only looked for it today.

Also I can confirm that there's a trial available which I am downloading right now and its 1634Mb *autch*


PushSquare| Invizimals Flocks to the PS3 and Vita in Two New Titles This Year

From pushsquare:
Of the many popular PlayStation franchises, Spanish developer Novarama’s augmented reality Pokémon-inspired series Invizimals has always swooped a little under the radar. However, Sony’s hoping to rectify that later this year, with two new entries based on the magical mammal series for both PlayStation 3 and Vita.

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H4all3826d ago

Never Play this on PSP
but i will buy it for Vita..