David Jaffe's Criminal Crackdown First Look

God of War director David Jaffe is working with Incognito to bring this cops n' robbers multiplayer, action/party game to PS3. Gamers will take the role of a bounty hunter careening around a stylish cartoon world on the hunt for criminals on the loose. They will attempt to apprehend criminals and toss them back in the slammer before other bounty hunters can steal them and collect the reward money. Criminal Crackdown is a combination of demolition derby gameplay, crazy weapon pickups, humor and a throwback to classic arcade and sports games.

CC offers gamers multiple weapons, more than 10 vehicles to choose from, and four levels of gameplay in 1080p resolution. Both online and split screen multiplayer are available for this downloadable title.

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shysun6452d ago

I thought he said he was working on a PSP game with Incog?I think some one got the story wrong. :(

DJ6452d ago

Dave Jaffe was working an a PSP title called HL with the Incognito team, but the fact that Warhawk has become such an ambitious and enormous title became very strenous on the two teams (Santa Monica and Incog) forced him to put it on the backburner. He sees Warhawk as being more important at the moment.

Thus he created this title in a very short amount of time, and it's something he's wanted to do for a while. He was pretty happy with the fact that the title came together so fast and effortlessly.

Nodoze6452d ago

Trust me it shows. This game looks stoopid.

THWIP6452d ago

...but if I was, I'd be PISSED that GOW2 is coming to PS2 and not PS3, while Jaffe wastes time on weak sh*t like this.

DJ6452d ago

What would be better. Exposing God of War to 4 million PS3 owners or 104 million PS2 owners? BTW, God of War 2 is being directed by Jaffe's Senior Animator from God of War 1. He's assisting with the title, but doing other things as well.

THWIP6452d ago

You won't find many PS2 fans, who weren't shocked/upset that GOW2 wasn't going to be a PS3 launch title...or at least come to PS3 in 2007. Sony has precious few solid third-party exclusives for the PS3, and that game would've sold millions of consoles for them.

nirwanda6452d ago

this has got to be some sort of sony live arcade title

THWIP6452d ago

...you win a prize! (though a smack on the back of your head would be more fitting)

bilal6452d ago

if it has a good gameplay.. this title can be a lot of fun.

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Yes, that's Kara in season 4 of The Boys

Been watching season 4 of The Boys and find Firecracker's face familiar? As a gamer, where you know her from might surprise you.

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Nerdmaster13h ago

I did have one of those "where do I know her from...?" feelings.
It's funny how a different hair style changes a person. I saw some pictures of her with short or blond hair and it made me remember Kara, but making her a redhead AND with long hair, just bugged my brain.
Here's hoping her character survives until the end of the show (even though her character is a horrible person).

just_looken12h ago

No doubt homelander will get pissed and show her his appreciation.

Episode 3 i was expecting a bitch slap death but it never happened he was zoned out then.

Would it not buy the boys still comedy she fight's back with that lame finger snap power he is like bitch really then just takes her out with one hit LOL

bloop1h ago

Thank you. Couldn't remember who Kara was and was too lazy to open article.

Tankbusta406h ago

The only image from the show in my mind is the multiplying dudes eating each others butts in the sauna

VariantAEC6h ago

Valorie Curry is her name... not sure why that's not even in the short summary. Why is this gaming news though?

ZeekQuattro2h ago

I couldn't for the life of me remember what I remembered her from and then I saw The Tick in her acting credits. That's why she looked so familiar. I loved that short lived Amazon show.

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PlayStation’s Most Underrated Franchise Is All Playable On PS5

Fans who pine for the days of Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter are in for some good news, as the complete series is now playable on PS5 with trophy support. This isn’t just the trilogy either, as the PSP games and Jak X are also available, so hardcore Jak fans can now relive these great titles.

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isarai1d 2h ago

Underrated? J&D was one of the most popular IPs at the time, quite literally the face of the ps2 beside God of War

Outside_ofthe_Box1d 1h ago

Would love to see a open world Jak 4 on the PS5, would be amazing, but I know ND said they'd never do it.

purple10123h ago(Edited 23h ago)

apparently there is a movie being made. I just cant get my head around what Sony is doing recently,

In regards to cancelling twisted metal game, when they push ahead with series 2 of the tv show, surely she show is meant to promote the game, where the real profits can be made.

Now we hear of a Jan and daxter film, (an old ps2 game) but NO new game to go with it,

mind boggles:

Sony Pictures, PlayStation Productions Releases & In Production:

• TV Shows:

-HBO: The Last Of Us Season 1
-Peacock: Twisted Metal Season 1
-HBO: The Last Of Us Season 2 & 3
-Netflix: Horizon
-Peacock: Twisted Metal Season 2
-Amazon Prime: God Of War
-Disney+: Films/TV Shows
-Hulu: Films/TV Shows

• Movies:

-Gran Turismo
-Ghost Of Tsushima
-Jak And Daxter
-Gravity Rush
-Until Dawn
-Uncharted 2

Master-Tonberry14h ago

I wasn't aware that ND said they'd never do it...

I know they said it would difficult for them to go back to it after doing super high fidelity, gritty, realistic stuff like Last of Us but I didn't think they'd ruled it out completely.

Outside_ofthe_Box5h ago

They didn't say never, but was basically what they said. They actually tried making a new Jak, but what they were making was straying far from it's roots so they canned it. They're just in a different mindset when it comes to developing games compared to when they made Jak.