In latest woe, Sony delays rollout of another product

TOKYO (AP) - In yet another embarrassment, Sony on Friday postponed the rollout of a product promised for next week to do more tests, a day after lowering its earnings forecast because of a massive battery recall and manufacturing delays.

Japan's trade minister said he was worried about Sony Corp.'s technological capabilities, as Sony shares dipped in Tokyo trading, falling 0.8 percent to close at 4,750 yen ($40). The shares have lost about half their value in the last five years as Sony lost out in competition against rivals.

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ironwolf6255d ago

"Japan's trade minister said he was worried about Sony Corp.'s technological capabilities"

THWIP6255d ago

...if you give a rat's ass. I seriously doubt they have millions of rabid geeky fanboys upset over a 3-week delay of a freaking cable box. Seriously, this isn't even news.


Alice: Madness Returns - Retro Review

Reviewing Alice: Madness Returns almost feels like a rite of passage for me. You see, I'm from the same town as the childhood home of Charles Dodgson, better known to you and I by his pen-name, Lewis Carroll. As such, he's a bit of a local culture icon.

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Relientk774h ago

I played Alice: Madness Returns for the first time last year. What an amazing game and adventure. It's a huge shame we aren't getting a sequel to it. It absolutely deserves another game.

0hMyGandhi3h ago

oh yeah, I remember this game! I remember liking it, but found the platforming to be utterly obnoxious. Loved the world design.

Good review!


Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Comes to Street Fighter 6

The classic puzzle game, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, is now playable in Street Fighter 6's Game Centre, along with other new additions.

Babadook72d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I loved this on PS1. I also bought the HD remaster.


Left 4 Dead Writer Explains The Drawbacks Of Releasing Games In Early Access

He wants to launch all his projects initially through close beta.