OutRun 2006: C2C PC screens squeal in

New screens from the PC version of Sega's latest summer driver, Coast 2 Coast. This latest iteration of the OutRun series has already landed on PSP, Xbox and PS2, but now, Sega's ready to launch the game on PC. OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is set for release on PC on June 23.

Here are 8 news shots of the PC version.

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Love in Video Games: A Valentine’s Day Roundtable

What is love? A mix of pain and pleasure. Check out some of videogaming's best depictions of the emotion.


Games to Play to Make You Forget It's Winter

GP: "Winter has begun. While winter brings about various festivities and merriment, it also brings the temperature way down. It might be fun to play around in the snow for a little bit but you don't want to be stuck outside shoveling it up. Even inside it seems that the dipping temperatures can permeate even the thickest blanket.

So, what do you do when you're nearly frozen solid? You boot up a video game of course! Not just any video game though but something that can draw you out of your cold cocoon. Okay, so maybe gamers don't usually do that specifically but they should. Here's a list of five games that have themes of warmth, sun, beaches, and general summertime goodness."

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