Sony Nukes Microsoft at E3!

Sony took the stage at E3 and proceeded to rape Microsoft as hard as Microsoft intended to rape gamers. The crowd erupted in thunderous applause as Jack Tretton revealed the PS4 has no restrictions on used games. No requirement to stay online. No spying.

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Urusernamesucks4061d ago

To be fair Microsoft won this e3. Because it was really all about the games. Since when does having the cheaper console win by default?lol. Also the used games has nothing with wich console won.
Software wise Ms wins

Hardware wise Sony wins.

CaptainYesterday4062d ago

Oh come on us Playstation fans know better than to kick Xbox when they're down we are better than that much more classy.

SpinalRemains4062d ago

I just spit my drink laughing at the Senator in pic.

That's a low blow but dam that's funny.

PerryCaravello4062d ago

I love that meme.

the nintendo conference is going to suck so bad.... sry but its the truth

rdgneoz34062d ago

Can't be worse that MS'...

PerryCaravello4062d ago

I think Sony nocked it out of the park, especially at the very end with the used game and price, so it's impossible for nintendo to really stand out.

I'll be watching though, less than 12hrs away lol.

I almost feel bad for nintnedo though. What could they possibly do... I wonder if their ceo will perform sepeku on stage lol.

rela82me4061d ago

No one can say that the MS presentation wasn't well put together. The only real part that was sub-par was that pricing...man, I was really holding out for them to make a big move and take some ground back. Unfortunately the only real leg up MS has now is a few better looking game in my opinion.

I loved what they have to offer software wise, just their policies and pricing that are truly holding a great console down. I certainly hope they listen to the community on this one. The only combative strategy I could possibly see for this is to offer free membership for the first year, covering $60 of their $100 mistake. Maybe they could extend the check in time to a week to allow players to alleviate their fears a bit. Correct me if I am wrong though, they still do allow USED games right? The developers just have the ability to restrict it on their games or not.

Either way, getting either console you're still going to have an amazing experience and in lieu of all this drama people forget that is what this is all about. Sure I don't mind the restrictions if it doesn't affect me, I'll be happy to be playing great games.

Just saddens me that they have a few of those negative stigmas now that really depreciate the value of this possibly wonderful product. Here's to hoping for a miracle, for gamings sake.

dethpuck4062d ago

who cares. my friends all already put money on x1. I'm getting a PS4 second. nobody plays PS currently in my circle of friends. that may change though with sony's stuff today.

Jaqen_Hghar4062d ago

time to convine your friends otherwise and educate them. I'm sure a user's friends would welcome paying $100 less for no used game restrictions.

PerryCaravello4062d ago

that's because you're a loser lol

no offense man...

first1NFANTRY4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

well you and your friends aren't the brightest of people then are you?

PS4 $399 #dealwithit


Double_O_Revan4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Go tell the DudeManBro squad, its time to switch sides.

PS4 has Call if Duty and Madden too. So it'll be OK.

MysticStrummer4062d ago

I'd have had a 360 if I followed my friends. Now none of them has a 360 and they all game on PS3s.

It's not always a good idea to follow your friends. ; )

NumOnePS3FanBoy4061d ago

AAAAaah the pathetic friends argument from xbox "gamers". funny

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