Are Android-based gaming consoles going to crash and burn soon?

By the end of this year, gamers will see the release of several Android-based consoles from Ouya, Nvidia, BlueStacks and even MadCatz. The question is - will they thrive alongside the Xboxes and PlayStations or will they crash and burn?

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Raoh3911d ago

For them to crash and burn they would have to have taken off first.

SpinalRemains3911d ago


They're sitting on the runway with Xbox, slowly inching away from it so they don't get charged or spied on.

NioRide3911d ago

Really they should't have bothered with the device, As new Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4 are out and newer chips will be released next year.

The mobile market is good for gaming from a set perspective. but its not enough to take the market by storm. Really just for those select few who have a interest in it like myself.

hellvaguy3911d ago

A big draw to this console is that there a several great emulators to play all the last gen games (nes, snes, ps1, genesis, etc).

Plus all the cheesy, short cell phone games that you can shake a stick at from the android market (if you don't already have a smart phone). I could see this having some appeal for some people, just not a lot.


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Kiryu199225d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Good job gamers keep speaking with your wallets by buying more micro transactions and than asking why publishers are now charging for features which used to be free or unlocked by simply playing the games

Unlimited health ammo and money
Infinite XP
big head mode
New game plus

Now sold to us as micro transactions

Mr_cheese25d ago

I wouldn't pay for it but I'd love a big head mode in fc 😅

Rebel_Scum25d ago

Wish EA would revist some of their 16bit ip.

anast24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

They still can't make the sidelines on Madden look like real sidelines and they can't show the owner's box during cutaways and etc.


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