Blue Dragon: Fights video

Surprise! Mistwalker also released this short video of Blue Dragon presenting a few enemies in actions.

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rmgst5886d ago

I sure hope that horrendous song isn't in the game. Whoever chose that song for that clip needs to be stabbed in the ears.

Retard5886d ago

I Agree... Dragon Quest VIII was awesome though

Happy Hippo5886d ago

The Japanese gamers seem quite impressed thought. In japan they can get a bundle with the xbox 360 (premium) and blue dragon. And when the pre-ordering started, on first day, there were over 10.000 pre-orders on that bundle. The retailers expect around 100.000 pre-orders in total. + there will be shortage of ps3's, especially in japan, which will leave Japanese gamers little choice, if they want a good quality rpg on next gen. so I think Microsft finaly got a break-through chance in japan.

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The story is too old to be commented.