Final Fantasy VII: Top 10 Characters - Uncut, unedited and utterly biased, FFVII top heroes and villains

IGN writes: "It's not quite the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII anymore. The game dropped in America in the fall of 1997, so right now it's more like the 10th-and-a-half. With the release of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, though, Square Enix has only just now closed the book on what may be its most beloved RPG saga. The whole story's told, every loose end tied off, and our heroes are (mostly) living happily ever after now.

A lot of things went into making FFVII a breakthrough hit. Technologically, it marked the beginning of a new age in RPGs, with flat old-school sprites giving way to modern 3D worlds. You can't chalk it all up to flashy graphics and cinematics, though. FFVII's cast features a handful of all-time favorites, characters that gamers all over the world fell for.

Everyone, of course, has their personal number one (and two, and three, and probably 10, 11, or 12). Since we all love an old-fashioned argument starter, though, here come our choices for Midgar's top 10."

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Rattles5548d ago (Edited 5548d ago )

Rufus is the man so is Dyne.

The Closing5548d ago (Edited 5548d ago )

Red XIII ftw

jollygoodchap85548d ago


He fought off an entire GI tribe by himself, and continued to kick their asses while he slowly turned into stone. He sacrificed his life and his honor to protect Cosmo Canyon and still protects it.

Cloud, that emo cheap ass! Some Soft would cleared that right up!

Wildarmsjecht5548d ago

Love the VGcatz reference. Bubs~

fox025548d ago

i can't be live cloud is number 3! he should be number 1 (or two, i really can't decide between him and Sephiroth)

k2d5548d ago (Edited 5548d ago )

In my opinion, Sephiroth was always the good guy.
Some minor details, and he might never have lost his mind.
It seemed like he failed to see that he was born from the lovely lady Lucrecia, and not a mako container or something of that sort..

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