E3 2013: BF4 multiplayer detailed, 64 player servers, 60fps, & more -- Gameplay video!

E3 2013: Battlefield 4 multiplayer detailed and showcased for next-gen consoles, 64 player servers, 60fps, and more -- Gameplay trailer included!

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Daz2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

You can tell it was all planned ;P but it was really good.

BadboyCivic2234d ago

Destructible environment for the win

Peppino72234d ago

There is sooooo much potential for this game!

HammadTheBeast2234d ago

60 fps will make a hell of a difference.

There goes the CoD flagship feature and major excuse.

Now what will the devs say when asked about graphics?

3-4-52234d ago

* Parachutes
* Destruction of buildings and other parts of map
* Jet ski
* Whole buildings falling
* Taking out tanks by destroying underground concrete supports, then c4ing it
* Graphics
* 64 players
* 60 FPS
* Commander mode

Looks really fun.

SemRex2234d ago

It does look fun.
As long as they keep improving like this I'm on board.

BulletToothtony2234d ago

I didn't see any dogs! Screw this game!


Panthers2234d ago

For real... and what about if I swim towards fish? Will they react??? Garbage game.

wellard2234d ago

LOL talking about fish moving out of your way. I was just playing Just cause 2 and i laughed my head off when i swam towards a fish and i passed right through it. I hope the makers of JC3 release a spoof video detailing fish AI. That would be so damn funny!

davethedj2234d ago

the graphic are downgraded as fuck or is it just me?

fluffydelusions2234d ago

Compared to what? The SP? If so, well yeah SP always looks a bit better

Dark_Overlord2234d ago

I think that's more to do with the LQ streams, wait for some direct feed footage :)

wellard2234d ago

Youre probably right, Dice wouldnt drop the ball by making BF4 with worse graphics than BF3 for next gen systems. These guys know what they are doing.

Enemy2234d ago

Never judge by compressed vids. Even Killzone: Shadow Fall could look disappointing in a Youtube vid.

CryofSilence2234d ago

It did not match the quality of the screenshots initially released. Some of it is internet compression, but not all.

teedogg802234d ago

Yeah, I watched this live on tv in HD and it looked fantastic.

M-M2234d ago

Well, considering it's live streamed and compressed even more, you can't really see the graphic fidelity at or close to it's fullest potential.

LightofDarkness2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

As well as this being a low quality stream, they wanted 60FPS on consoles with 64 players. This was inevitable.

I have no doubt the PC version will allow you to crank things well past BF3 levels if you so desire.

resi52234d ago

...........this was pc gameplay

shadow27972234d ago

This was PC... But you're right, it may not have been Maxed out.

flipflopfacts2233d ago

more like, after watching games with better graphics at E3 makes this game look average.

Number-Nine2234d ago

i thought the MP graphics looked comparable to last gens. couldnt really tell the difference.

starchild2234d ago

You can't tell the difference?

Jeez, this generation is doomed. Too many unperceptive gamers who can't tell the difference between last gen Call of Duty and Battlefield games and the next gen entries. The difference is absurdly obvious yet I hear comments like yours all too frequently.

It's sad. Why should developers even try to make better visuals if so many gamers can't even tell the difference? People like me who can easily see how much better the games look will be very disappointed if developers quit trying and graphical quality is no longer pushed.

Eyesoftheraven2234d ago

It's running at 1080p/60f on console so it seems appropriate the graphics took a noticeable hit and it still looks amazing. Want all the bells and whistles on, you gotta go high end PC.

finbars752234d ago

watch the new video thats uploaded on youtube.Its call battlefeild4 best moments.Its absolutley inceredible especially for the full on destruction and the bloody skyscraper being shot down.I mean come on man thats crazy as hell.The 1080p video shows how great this game looks.Love the end of the video when buddy tries to melee him and he stops it by grapping the knife and sticking it in his stomach.

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wenaldy2234d ago

oh, come on.. I like MAG too.

Salooh2234d ago

Don't be a fanboy. Both are made for different reasons. They are not competing each other. Just enjoy them both..

VonBraunschweigg2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Better I can't tell yet, graphically no.

But seeing 20+ infantry on screen going at it immediately reminded me me of MAG as well. And MAG...was bigger:)

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SIRHC132234d ago

Just you. Although they're not substantially better than 3's, it's still visually on par - or better.

Eyesoftheraven2234d ago

Not to mention the consoles will be running 1920x1080/60 instead of 1280x720/30. I'd say this is a very commendable upgrade for console gaming.

cunnilumpkin2234d ago

it won't be 1920x1080 on ps4 or xboxone, almost 100% sure

it will be 1600x900 or less, probably 1280x720

HammadTheBeast2234d ago

60 fps will make a hell of a difference.

There goes the CoD flagship feature and major excuse.

MizTv2234d ago

I think it looks good not downgraded