Microsoft's E3 2013 Press Briefing: Silent But Deadly

GiantBomb - Few real surprises reared their head at Microsoft's E3 event, but at least we know how much the system will cost now (a lot).

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Shadow Flare1957d ago

Silent but deadly

So their conference was like a fart?

wenaldy1957d ago

I lol'd

There's nothing more sinister than stealthy fart..

4Sh0w1957d ago

I think they had a great show, I want a X1.

wagnus1957d ago

I wanted them to at least acknowledge the huge fan base they pissed off instead of showing games like nothing happened. I would as well would have liked to see a short short segment on the kinect, but I know I'm on the minority there lol

Peppino71957d ago

Beat me to it shadow!
It wasn't bad but I wish they clarified some more stuff about their system. Starting off with MGS5 was a great move.
I hope Sony has some great surprises up their sleeve. They have to talk about 3 systems and create high expectations. Should be a great battle. A nice ace would be a late sept or Oct release! 1 month ahead can really start a nice domino effect.

pompombrum1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I'd have said it was the opposite, loud but irrelevant would sum it up for me personally. The almost complete focus on games was great but their inability to address gamers concerns really let them down. Not to mention kinect is probably the reason it's so damn expensive yet as a gamer we have absolutely no idea why we're paying so much for it. Or are we paying all that extra for a glorified microphone?

DigitalRaptor1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@ 4Sh0w

I thought their conference was good, but I don't want an X1, because I have more sense than to drop my consumer rights, denounce the ownership of all my games, and let publishers try and tell me what I can and cannot do with my physical disc that I bought. I won't spend $60 each for a game that essentially becomes a digital license whilst the disc becomes about as useful as a coaster.

I'm also not going to risk being stuck with a brick if and when I don't have Internet provision.

Don't forget to sign the petition:

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NewMonday1957d ago

I have to say the conference itself was very good, but that doesn't matter with all the baggage that comes with the XB1

RandomDude6551957d ago

Pretty much how I'd describe it.

mrcapcom1957d ago

yeah silent and deadly 429 pounds wtf that seems a little steep to me

NoobJobz1957d ago

That wasn't the price. That's how much it weighs. Have you seen that thing?

showtimefolks1957d ago

adam sessler puts it best watch it

they had a good conference but it could have been much better, price is gonna have issue. Now all sony has to do is $399 and its over

mrcapcom1957d ago

i agree i hope sonys system is better priced. i dont understand the need to have kinect with the new xbox. it just means the system is gonna cost more. why not give people the option it feels there forcing kinect onto people

showtimefolks1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


here is what i want to see a 2 hours conference


Last Guardian start it it to make a huge impact

get valve on stage to announce LFD 3 and get LFD1-2 in set

new FF or versus coming soon


Snenmue 1-2 HD collection and announce 3rd

yakuza 5 for west along with hd collection for 1st and 2nd

sony santa monica's new IP

infamous second son demo

KZ demo

Knack demo

proper Ratchet and clank game not done by Insomniac

david jaffe's next game

ready at dawn's next game

deep down demo

damn lol so much potential

also sony $399 max price or maybe $449

MS did good but sony could really take E3 down with games,games and more games

i would love to know how much MS paid for titanfall limited time exclusive, if anyone believes its gonna be a permanent exclusive they really kidding them self

close the show with Fallout 4

also something from Take-two could be huge

mafia 3
midnight club
Bully 2
GTA HD collection

let's see i am so excited for sony's e3 i hope they don't let us down

solidsheep1957d ago


Because now you have more thing that can brake.
Before it was just red-ring now if kinect breaks you cant play any games or use your xbox.

Kinda hard to trust Microsoft with any launch hardware...

/conspiracy hat off

g4me_he4d1957d ago

lol dude you are killing me.

StraightPath1957d ago

was a powerful conference. Microsoft show far has the best show. I wonder how Sony will stack up Microsoft just amazed everyone.

infamousinfolite1957d ago


Why do you even try. Smh.

Ezz20131957d ago

was that a joke post ?! ....for your sake i hope you are just joking


must be one of those reputation managers...

MsmackyM1957d ago

@Straightpath Do you get a free Spybox, I mean Xbox one for your services?

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PurpHerbison1957d ago

Silent but violent farts are the best.

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Aceman181957d ago

i thought it was a good presser, but i will not be buying the system.

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dedicatedtogamers1957d ago

Microsoft delivered the games. If THIS was the console reveal, my opinion on the Xbox One would be a complete reversal of what I think now.

However, because we already know about the 24-hour DRM, the restrictions, the online required, etc., they failed to convince me why we NEED these restrictions. Not a single aspect of the conference made me think "yeah, now I can understand why we have the 24-hour check in and the online-required".

NewMonday1957d ago

well said, my sentiments exactly

Transporter471957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I was expecting some kind of explanation but they decided not to say anything was a bad move at least from my part, im fully convinced that i don't want an X1 restrictions by themselves are more then enough for me to not want one.

swishersweets200311957d ago

i think they are banking on people seeing the shiny stuff and forget about all the negative points.

donman11957d ago

The bottom line is they never address the HUGE Elephant in the room with all the restrictions and 24hrs check in. Now... they add a hefty price tag is not making the Xbox One look attractive.

Lets see what the PS4 and the cost looks like. We all know like Microsoft they will have the games.

wagnus1957d ago

This was their chance to redeem their console and they didn't say anything; all the exclusives in the world won't sell me when you treat me like I'm on parole from pirating.

VonBraunschweigg1957d ago

They avoided the elephant by naming the cloud, so most people realise they need internet, I think MS hopes. But I agree, they should also mention the evil dark thunderclouds over your house once you fail to check in with the master one terrible day. No more games at all.

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AngelicIceDiamond1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Will you get over that DRM stuff already? MS has more to announce in the coming months.

Edit: Sorry Stage, you weren't buying one from the very beginning anyway.

HammadTheBeast1957d ago

Why? A couple cool games and you give up your rights.


Will you get over the auto defence for MS like we should be thankful because it's some sort of privilege and we should not question it... please

Akira20201957d ago

First it was, "Wait till the reveal!" Then it was, "Wait till E3!" Now it's, "They have more to announce in the coming months!"


DigitalRaptor1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Are you really saying this AngelicIceDiamond? Are you really?

C'mon dude...

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Revolver_X_1957d ago

The only game im really jealous of is Dead Rising 3. Im hoping its just a timed exclusive. Other exclusive games were good, but nothing I really have to play. Sorry, if you disagree, thats my opinion.

RedHawkX1957d ago

dead rising didnt seem to have any gameplay that would last you more then an hour. it looked off to me. way to many zombies, generic no real goals and such.
what looked ok was

halo but that was a cg trailer and im tired of halo

titanfall looked ok to but most these games are also on pc.

that troll spark game had some cool stuff you can do in it but i dont want to play a bunch of created levels like that. didnt have any charm to it and lbp already beat it to the punch.

not enough cool stuff that would make me get an xbox one over a ps4 especially with all the console restrictions.

sony will be just way better in my opinion.

CrossingEden1957d ago

because if they had talked about anything not game related you would rage, first its
"first thing microsoft needs to do is say that its all about games"

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stage881957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

It was a good conference because MS finally realised that their games console should be about games.

However, I won't be getting an xbone because of:

!. 24hr online check
2. Extremely strict DRM
3. Kinect spy, home invasion camera

Sorry Microsoft, you blew it.

2pacalypsenow1957d ago

People are acting like Sony will show no games... Ms showed a few exclusive and a whole bunch of games also Coming to Ps4 and all of a sudden Xbox won! wait until all 3 companies show what they have then make a decision ..

EazyC1957d ago

I haven't seen many people say that! In a few hours they'll be proven wrong though :D

2pacalypsenow1957d ago

Tons of articles on N4G are saying how MS made everything better because it showed games yet they forget all the Online and DRM crap they will use. Some are saying that xbox might win just on the games alone

SpideySpeakz1957d ago

I have to be honest, this was what I was looking for with their conference. It was pretty good overall, and nice looking games. Looks like MS is back in the game, but their policies are what still turn me off. And these policies are what will draw me to the PS4