Need for Speed Rivals shown at E3, movie next year

EA showcased their latest instalment in the Need For Speed franchise today during their E3 conference. There will also be a Need for Speed movie, coming next year.

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Festano1957d ago

the trailer is not bad, we hope for a good product.

Alexious1957d ago

I thought it looked absolutely great!

steve30x1957d ago

Its got that Simcity DRM. I wont be buying it and I've bought every single NFS game up to that one.

EazyC1957d ago

Good to see Pinkman is out of the meth business!

RavageX1957d ago

Looks the same as Hot Pursuit, and probably the same as Most Wanted.

Not impressed. Plus, who is talking? The cars? I see no people, not even through the windshields.

I've been a NFS fan for a long time, but I'm (finally) getting tired of this. They don't listen to fans.

Customization has been wanted for ages, and as close as they have gotten was driving through shops and getting a paint change.

As much as I like the Burnout guys, they need to get back to Burnout. I was not at all pleased with the short time I had with Most Wanted. I was looking forward to it till I played it. I was hoping for something more along the lines of the original Most Wanted.

Instead they made it easy to get new cars, easy to fix your cars, and give you no real reason to be the best.

Old school Most Wanted put people behind the cars. You wanted to take them out. The new one failed in that aspect and this one looks like it will be doing the same.