E3 2013 Microsoft Press Conference Full WrapUp

In the 30th Episode of exclusive podcast series RGN Daily News the crew gets together to discuss Microsoft's Greatest E3 of all time (2013) in which a ton of Xbox ONE Exclusives (including Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Halo, and New IPs from Respawn Entertainment and Insomniac Games) are shown and Microsoft manages to pull it all off without relying heavily on COD this time!

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Yi-Long2009d ago

... but nothing that has convinced me that I need to buy an Xbox One.

They certainly listened to the criticism about their earlier shows and their Xbox One presentation, so we heard pretty much nothing about Kinect (good), nothing about TV TV TV TV TV (good), and they focussed primarily on games, which was good.

They didn't really show any games that impressed me though. Most interesting to me was that 2D platformer Max, for 360, and that top-down game for Xbox One, Below.

Also, they completely DUCKED the whole issue about 24 hour check-ins, about used games fees, about mandatory Kinect.

And sadly, DUCKING those issues, doesn't make them go away. And those issues needed to go away!

Excalibur2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Same here the only thing that impressed the heck out of me was Titainfall, everything else to me was just Meh and didn't look any better than the stuff we are currently playing.

For me every time they announced something all it did was give me questions.

1. We are going to give 2 away 2 free games a month.

Q: will that program end when the Xbox one is in place?
If not
Q:Will the free games also be on the One platform?
Q: will the cost of live stay the same price because of your free stuff?
Q: will the cost Of live be the same price on Xbox 360 and Xbox One?
Q: Will they be 100% interchangeable?
Will I see achievements and such on either or? or will they be separated?

2. We are doing away with M$ points and going to real world Money.

Q: will my current 10,000 points be converted to $125.00 or will I lose them?
Q: how will that affect Bing and other programs that currently give me M$ points?

Godmars2902009d ago

Actually, Titanfall took me as being cramped. Limited given the presented scope.

And not getting what you mean by, "Q: Will they be 100% interchangeable?" They've already said that any game on the 360 will not be playable on XB1.

Excalibur2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )


I know the 360 games won't play on the ONE and vice versa, what I mean by interchangeable is...

I currently have 101,705 in Gamer score on my 360, IF I buy a One will it reflect that on day one or will it start from Zero OR will I have an Xbox 360 GS AND an Xbox One GS viewable by either console?

Same with my M$ points, I currently have 10,300 M$ points, will I be able to use them on the ONE or are they tied to my 360?

They say your gold account will stay the same but this is M$ we are talking about, why would they let a gold account truly span two separate consoles at the same time without making any extra Money on it, OR will there be some sort of restrictions we all know M$ is famous for.

I also have Gold until September 2015 due to Amazon having cheap yearly subscriptions, will M$ honor that or will they try and weasel more money out of me?

Will everyone currently on my Friends List automatically roll over to the ONE IF I buy one?

Will I be able to see their GS and such if I'm on the XBox One and they are on their 360's?