Halo 5: What Did We Just See?

Austin breaks down the Halo 5 trailer and gives us a look into what we might be seeing in the next Halo by analyzing the trailer from Microsoft's E3 Press Conference.

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CalamityCB1959d ago

It was a brilliantly unexpected reveal; at first I was like "Is this Destiny???", Master Chief has a little emotional moment then the airwave pulls the cloak away and reveals the iconic helmet.

Virtual_Reality1959d ago

I don't think it was unexpected, for me, it was kinda expected, but I was doubting about it because it was going to be very soon to announce another Halo, Halo 4 came out in 2012 7 months ago.

darthv721959d ago

i was this an xbox version of journey and then when you see the familiar forearm and then finally the helmet i was then like....Master chief is on a journey of new discovery.

see what i did there?

okay that was lame.

spicelicka1959d ago

That's not what he meant i don't think. We all knew a new halo was likely gonna be announced, but the way the trailer was made was unexpected. I thought it was some rpg game, but then i noticed his arm, and then boom his helmet, and i was like "holy shit".

I loved it because it was very different approach for a halo trailer. People complaining about the poncho are idiots because it wasn't an actual game trailer. It was just a teaser to get us hyped for next E3.

4Sh0w1959d ago

Virtual well its not coming out most likely for another 16-18 months.

fr0sty1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

It reminded me of Halo 3's reveal trailer... a little too much. All CG, super short, no mention of gameplay or features, just a clip that screams "we didn't have enough ready to show you, so here's a 30 second clip we paid some CG animation company to make while we finish the game.".

The difference being, however, when halo 3's teaser was shown it was the big climax of the show. MS didn't repeat that mistake this time around, it was just snuck in near the end real quick, then followed by plenty of actual gameplay of an awesome looking title.


Actually I was clueless 'till the arm was shown, but then I went WTF... What's with the cloak over a helmet? The poor guy must be claustrophic in all that sh**! How much protection does your identity really needs anyway? LOL! I guess I just wanted 'em to take the mask off for once.

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Mykky1959d ago

I'm more interested in what he was doing with a cloak when he was wearing full armor.
Doesn't make sense?

darthv721959d ago

he didnt want to get sand scratches on his armor?

Virtual_Reality1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Must have a cooling system inside the armor to be in the middle of a desert.


arronax-11958d ago

What was with that rag that he was wearing for anyway? He has a space suit doesn't he?

1959d ago
stage881959d ago

A generic spaceman in a poncho which wasn't needed because he was covered in armour.

But some people like Halo so hope you enjoy.

koolaid2511959d ago


The_Blue1959d ago

Sooooo TRUE!!! lol

Drake with zombies. Im glad im not a blind fanboy.

neoMAXMLC1959d ago

^^Even though you do sound like one.


I think (or hope?) Blue was being sarcastic... Otherwise... Just wow bro.

Clarence1959d ago

Some people love cgi instead of actual gamplay

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CalamityCB1959d ago

In terms of character development I would say Master Chief isn't generic anymore, 343 have shown a more human side of him who actually speaks; not just a silent one liner badass.

4Sh0w1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Its a disguise, he probably has armour on to conceal his identity= from a distance he would just look like a regular joe in the desert.


And, in that case, wouldn't be simplier to get rid of the armor/change it? I mean, no one knows what Chief looks like beyond the green armor with golden visor anyway... So... Yeah, kinda lame as far as concealing goes. If anything, the guy on the desert under a ridiculous heavy, long and hot cloak brings in even more attention.

4Sh0w1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

No, why would a soldier who is always prepared for an unexpected fight get rid of his armour? Change it? He's Master Chief not a fashion model, silly comment really, especially when we have no idea whats going on, its a short teaser trailer, but common sense says he just wants to go un-noticed long enough to move in for the kill or as the trailer shows be ready for anything. A cloak like that does not bring attention from a distance especially he just looks like any other peasant on a journey through the desert, whats so special about those rags, many local people who dare to live or go walking through a desert for a long period of time wear such clothing.

braydox211959d ago

yes a regular joe on a random planet in the middle of nowhere

but this story probably has Chief essentially quitting the UNSC or going Awol hoping to find cortana (im gussing she may have either copied herself or made a backup, you saw her make copies of herself in Halo 4) it would be really cool if Master Chief went ahead and made his own PMC made up of Covenant, humans and maybe some protheans.


And this shows how much you know about surviving in the desert... Cover from the sun is not the same as using a bunch of rags like that.

But this I'll give you, in such a short tease I have no idea what's really going on there, so yes, he maybe wanted exactly that, to attract some attention without making obvious it was him.

So my bad here. Still, the cloak over a mask, which is over an completelly unknown face was kinda overkill, got me to LOL for a while.

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The_Blue1959d ago

Killzone 3 ain't it? lol

Hercules1891959d ago

It does not look much better than killzone shadowfall, and its not coming for another year, so by then 343 should get the hang of the hardware and we should be seeing this.

SJPFTW1958d ago

Thank you Captain Obvious. Its not like they said it was gameplay. It was just a reveal.

Kurt Russell1959d ago

I'm sorry Master Chief... you have entertained me for a long time, but it is time for us to part ways. And why the hell are you wearing a poncho? You have gravity defying, space breathing, bullet ricocheting armour on...

spicelicka1959d ago

yes but it can still get dirty!

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