Battlefield 4 commander confirmed

EA confirmed that Battlefield 4 will be getting a Commander feature.

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M-M1956d ago

Dang you got this up quick lol. A lot of Battlefield fans should be happy.

3-4-51956d ago

That multiplayer looks really good. The single player looked ok, but the multiplayer looks next gen for sure.

The physics and amount of stuff going on and running smooth + building physics.

Seeing them take out that tank by blowing away the concrete support underground adn then c4ing it was awesome.

I didn't expect the building collapse but that is just crazy.

AngelicIceDiamond1956d ago

Question: Will there be 64 players online for Xbox One and PS4 also?

DontShoot-Me-Bro1956d ago

Angelic thats what im wondering. Imagine if Dice turn up at Sony conference and say 64 players for Battlefield 4 on PS4!

Starbucks_Fan1956d ago

YES YES YES!!!!! So excited!

ATi_Elite1956d ago

Commander should of been a PATCH for BF3.

ANyway glad to see EA/DICE listen to PC Gamers who DEMANDED Commander.

I may now pick up BF4.

Nykamari1956d ago

Could have been player whom migrated from MAG too, not knocking the PC folks in all. Us console folk play it too and just as dedicated just like y'all.

nypifisel1956d ago

That destruction was amazing! BF4 MP looks like BF back in form (from BF2 which was by far my fav).

SignifiedSix911956d ago

Oh I'm very happy. This game is going to be EPIC!

pompombrum1956d ago

As an old school battlefield player, the return of commander mode is a much welcomed addition. Now all we need is the return of mod support.

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M-M1956d ago

It always has been, but COD's fan base is too large. Also I see you watch DBZ Abridged =P.

akaFullMetal1956d ago

Looks really fun, can't wait.

GiggMan1956d ago

That was awesome! The skyscraper went down lol!

MizTv1956d ago

That was soooo awesome!
This mp is going to be crazy

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The story is too old to be commented.