Xbox One's tough value proposition

We were promised a great deal after Microsoft's Xbox Reveal in May. So did this morning's E3 press briefing deliver? Gamasutra editor-at-large Leigh Alexander remains as skeptical as before.

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mp12891954d ago

Drop the Kinect and make it $399

NextGen24Gamer1954d ago

It comes with a year of Xbox live valued at $60 dollars. Which brings the console price to $440. Only $40 dollars more than most people expected it to be. Not bad at all when you throw in all the extra content you get when you purchase at launch!

They had to make Kinect part of every console. It's the only way to give developers options when they make next gen content. If you don't require it, developers won't ever use it as part of the experience if the GAMER choses. I personally love the voice commands in certain games. Smart move by Microsoft, even if some people never use it.

Kleptic1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

say that all you want; 'it needs kinect so all devs use it'...Sony used BD in the ps3, sony fanboys said the same thing, 7 years later everyone is fine with launch, it was a crushing blow...

you can spin this any direction you want...but the fact remains that MS is currently in the hardest position they have EVER been in. Stuff just isnt' lining up, nearly every design decision contradicts itself...

First it was poised as a home entertainment solution, a tactic Sony tried with the PS3 (the all in one HD entertianment 'thing')...but, also just like Sony, they priced it out of that market. Cable boxes are almost free with a cable subscription, Android/google or AppleTV hardware isn't anywhere near the cost of an Xbox One, and more importantly, doesn't involve cable provider deals and stipulations. The price of the xbox one does nothing to attract this new demographic MS seemingly focused heavily on.

So they then built an E3 conference around their 'tried and true' approach. Tons of multiplats, TONS of sequels, and tons of bought up exclusive dlc...This got the core crowd in it again, but then they dropped a price point that left the entire venue with crickets...

I can clearly see the old fans aren't changing, either. You justify a $499 system at $439 because MS is STILL making you pay for the internet...a second justify the $499 because kinect 'has' to be included...why is it ok for MS to do that for kinect, but never was for Sony and BD? the fact alone that MS barely mentioned kinect in any degree shows how lost the company currently is...wasn't Ryse supposed to be a fully integrated kinect game to change the industry? I saw hell of a lot of QTE's that would suggest otherwise...

Parapraxis1954d ago

The console comes to $499 BEFORE Live fees, why are you LYING EVERYWHERE on N4G about the costs?????????????????

1954d ago
Parapraxis1954d ago

Those are QTE's.. jesus, 2 MS apologists in 1 comment section?!? what is this my lucky day!?!

You guys do realize your comment history is readily available right?!?

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ATi_Elite1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Consoles PERIOD are a tough sell @ $500 bucks to play the same games as Multiplatform is the new thing as Console Exclusives get shorter.

Sony/MS are gonna have to do something to show a big difference in machines as the best Console Games are multiplats and Publishers are not gonna do Exclusives unless a Mega ton of CASH gets tossed their way.

Sony has in house Exclusives but they are gonna need more than Drake and Kratos to move units especially when COD Console is best played on Xbox. Especially when Publishers design games to run on XboxONe then make horrible Sony ports.

MS has trotted out the OLD Timed Exclusive CRAP which is smart until Sony catches up in sales then it's a waste of Time and Money.

So at $500 the question is, What can you do besides play Games?

golding891954d ago

I gotta admit. 499 is a bit much..Idk..they had a great show though. great games.. i won't buy it..I'll have my gf get it for me for my birthday..thats the way to do it :-)

T21954d ago

That, my good sir, is how u do it indeed... Hooking up w a girl w decent job means u got step one right . + 1 bubble for your life lol

gano1954d ago

Price don't matter.

SlavisH21954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

For the amount people pay for smartphones and tablets its pretty cheap but i will wait to see what sony does before I decide!

1954d ago