Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference Impressions

A lot of pressure was on Microsoft as they look to overcome the recent amount of bad press regarding the Xbox One but this presentation was about the games. Microsoft proceeded to show what gamers were looking to see from the new system and that is a slew of new games from first party and third party studios. - Lazytechguys

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Yi-Long2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

.... it was certainly better than their last three E3 shows, but nothing that has convinced me that I need to buy an Xbox One.

They certainly listened to the criticism about their earlier shows and their Xbox One presentation, so we heard pretty much nothing about Kinect (good), nothing about TV TV TV TV TV (good), and they focussed primarily on games, which was good.

They didn't really show any games that impressed me though. Most interesting to me was that 2D platformer Max, for 360, and that top-down game for Xbox One, Below.

Also, they completely DUCKED the whole issue about 24 hour check-ins, about used games fees, about mandatory Kinect.

And sadly, DUCKING those issues, doesn't make them go away. And those issues needed to go away!

BadboyCivic2665d ago

That Roman style game wasn't too bad, reminded me of GOW

360degrees2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I realize that the main stipulation many gamers were demanding from Microsoft was simply a focus on the video game aspect of the Xbox One. The general consensus around the gaming community is an overwhelming sense that they accomplished this and more, swiftly debunking the "gloom and doom" talks. I for one walk away from Microsofts E3 presentation pleasantly impressed with all aspects of it as a whole. Not only did they reveal countless fantastic exclusives that will have all gamers anxiously awaiting the consoles November release, but the price point was spot on for the amount of features included. According to pre order numbers, and the huge amount of excitement currently generated throughout the media, Microsoft has attained it's true next generation gaming goals. This conference has only shed tho heighten my excitement for the upcoming ps3 event!
@ Yi-Long
Exactly what portion of my previous statement was ridiculous? Far from it I feel my statement directly reflects all the concerns being addressed and validated by Microsoft. For the past week countless articles were berating Microsoft worth the slogan of "Games, Games, and more Games". Now having fulfilled this,what more is there for them to prove? Some people will forever remain unsatisfied.

Yi-Long2665d ago

At most, gamers are relieved MS finally managed to have an E3 presentation that's actually about games, instead of about Kinect and dashboard apps.

That doesn't take away that all the concerns still remain, and from boards across the web, it's very clear many have NOT been swayed back in favour of Microsoft.

Far from it.

Gamemax2665d ago

On Word For Microsoft Conference -Magnificent

Muffins12232665d ago

Yes it was amazing but they ended it off bad with that horrible price.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2665d ago

Pretty amazing best in years id say.

Muffins12232665d ago

Good start but bad ending

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