Will Insomniac Pull an "Overstrike" with Sunset Overdrive?

BNR: One of the big announcements of Microsoft's 2013 E3 press conference was Sunset Overdrive, a shooter in which bright, cartoonish people parkour around a city, fighting large, gross monsters that look as if they're covered in acne. The game is set to be an Xbox One exclusive, with no word on a release date... While this was a pretty pre-rendered trailer, will Sunset Overdrive go from bright and creative to dull and uninteresting? Take a look at what happened to Overstrike.

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jakmckratos1955d ago

3 Craptastic games and now THIS? Insomniac has gone down the $hitter. Once my favorite dev is now dead to me.

Jourdy2881955d ago

Well, I think it's a little early to judge when it comes to Overdrive, but there's a good chance that they'll pull an Overstrike. Let's just wait and watch.