There's a Hidden Message In The Witcher 3's Debut Trailer

Kotaku - Here's a screenshot of the sneaky little hidden message game studio CD Projekt RED left in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's debut trailer. It shares some extra info regarding the game and the trailer.

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Cam9771959d ago

Here it is:
"Dear Gamers,

Once again, we're here with a super sneaky hidden message! We couldn't resist doing something crazy on such a big occasion! :) We're uber-excited to be a @witchergame and using the #e3witcher hashtag :).

Today, you got your first glimpse of gameplay footage from TW3. Though no developer was harmed during the making of this video, we did work ourselves to the bone and put a LOT of heart into making all this happen. There's still a long road ahead and your feedback, comments and love are needed to fuel our passion so that we can make The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a really great game. Head on over to our forums, hell, send us letters if you want to - just to be with us! We need you :)."

bakagaijin781959d ago

Thanks for the breakdown. Bubbles. :)

ATi_Elite1959d ago

Hidden Message = I need the Witcher 3 on my PC right NOW!

Pintheshadows1959d ago

I need The Witcher 3 now. I'm not sure I can wait.

hazelamy1959d ago

you're a fan of the witcher series?
i never would have guessed. ^_^

karl1959d ago

this game look great..

i gotta say.. MS conference had almost all third party games i was hoping to see

pandehz1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

This is the SHEEEET!!!

In all seriousness 'THIS IS THE SHIT'