E3 2013: How Did Viewers Feel About Microsoft's Conference?

IGN - "Are we so quick to forget the reasons we were mad a week ago?"

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mario191958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Lol 499$ + XBox Live 50$ + Taxes = +600$ US Dollars are you kidding me

And all the anti consumer crap

Oh and where are the microsoft interviews? Why werent they there? Probably went to Shoprite to buy some popcorn for the Sony event tonight

Godmars2901958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Bit pointless/excessive tacking on taxes.

Afterall, when Sony announce the PS4's taxes are going to figure there as well.



Really, what is it with you and posting a reply in the wrong comment? Am I the only person you do this sort of thing to? Should I feel honored?

darthv721958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

since Im already a gold will just be the $499 (+tax) for me.

when sony announces their price it will be whatever that price is (+tax) for me as well. Im already a PS+ member.

edit: sorry god...nothing personal.

@hammad...i think you are confusing things. MS fans (that i know of) never said that about MGS. in fact it was always a very wanted game on the 360 by the majority of fans (myself included). when MGS4 never came out on 360, i went and got the Ps3 and a copy of that game and have been very happy.

I encourage more single platform gamers to do that when it comes to a game that may not be on their platform of choice.

dedicatedtogamers1958d ago

"Just let it happen. It'll all be over soon" is how I felt past the mid-way point, but the conference itself was actually a solid...B. Not mind-blowing, but definitely good.

However, as someone who wanted to hear a genuine response to all the negative PR surrounding the Xbox One, the conference was a total flop.

Oh, and Ryse? You know, one of those "hardcore games" that you bought your Kinect for? Yeah, coming to Xbox One...and now it's a QTE simulator. Total bait-and-switch.

HammadTheBeast1958d ago

$660 for EU.

Also, Xbox fan boys are massive hypocrites. They used to claim that MGS was a boring interactive movie and trash, now opinions have changed. Same with LBP and "Spark".

NukaCola1958d ago

430 British Pounds?

That's like 500 euros or 700 USD. Ouch!

Godmars2901958d ago


And really, its not just $60, its $60 a year. For as long as you own and want to play with the console.

Its been an additional cost of $480 the eight years you've owned the Xbox 360. Less of course whatever XBL deals and it wasn't always $60, but you could have bought an Xb1 with what you've paid for XBL all this time.

darthv721958d ago

to your point. i have been such a long time live member that i cant even imagine what it would be like without it.

I'd go through some withdrawls or something. The same holds true for PS+. I signed up for it this year and Im hooked. i hope to keep it going for as long as i have with live.

Me personally, i dont mind paying to be a member of something I feel is worth paying for. Others dont share the same sentiment and i can respect that.

Septic1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Got to love how everyone here is jumping on the price bandwagon and not talking about the games on display, which were incredible.

SolidStoner1958d ago

I like -

World of tanks
voice commands are ok..
the paint of the car in Forza 5 looked epic..

I dislike -

No used games
499$ is way too much for an xbox
24 h check in
50$ year fee
design of the box
kinect and all games surrounding it!
also Forza was a letdown, I hoped it would be great and set some competition in the market, but instead it looked like NFS, with cartoon physics... fail..

but overall I think MS set high bar for the casual market... people who just want to talk with TV and play games with they're kids gonna love the system...
but |I'm sure its not for me.. at least not for 499$...

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Before we laugh, lets at least wait and see what Sony have in store at their conference(price, DRM, used games issue)

jc485731958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I need to find something to do in the next couple of hours. Screw EA conference.

iGAM3R-VIII1958d ago

the only concern I have is price but they said they learn from their mistakes so I see a 399-499 dollar console. I doubt a DRM and used game thing will EVER happen


it's a waiting game now. It's not good to jump the gun but as far as MS goes, they didn't do or show anything that has made me feel less angry towards them.

seanpitt231958d ago

It was a good show I must admit but what annoyed me the most is dead rising 3 a Xbox exclusive that nearly made me cry because I have no intention of buying the Xbox and the price is to just to much when you count the gold membership every year.

Kleptic1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

my guess is Sony will have a very similar policy on DRM, simply because this more than anything is a 3rd party publisher situation. its most the 3rd parties that are the most up in arms about used game without alienating their concerns; i find it doubtful sony would've been able to come up with something that will please everyone.

However, Sony most likely will try to rap it up a little better, with much clearer bullet points. That was what f'd up MS, they didn't know how to talk about it. They glanced over it, and hoped it would be missed, and that back fired big time.

Price wise: if sony pushes the PS4 at $499, they didn't learn a single thing. IMO this would be the worst thing for everyone. The fall out from having two new devices at such a high price would effectively cut out the 'middle class' of development. If it wasn't poised to be some major AAA success, it wouldn't get the funding, and simply wouldn't happen. This would translate into years of big shooters, a few racing games, and some downloadable 'indie' games...and otherwise absolutely NOTHING but sequels...

If the PS4 drops at $399, then they are getting somewhere. That is still high, but becomes a much more attractive option to the Xbox One, especially when considering a free to play online service.

however, the most realistic price will be something around $450 i would bet...still better than the competition, but still far from great...and it'll be a pretty brutal battle over the next few years.

While the DRM issues are not yet known, its very likely that Sony's won't be any worse. Its also very likely that Sony will have no where near as stringent always-on policies. There will be DRM, it will be annoying, but hopefully Sony has a better way to authenticate this stuff...maybe making it only something that applies to the sale and use of a used game...not something that applies to every single game you attempt to play.

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r1sh121958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

yeah LOOOL..
I think it was a good conference, they showed some good looking games/ gameplay, but then the price was announced.
And they did not talk about the used games and always online crap.
Or whether the price of XBL would drop.

The price of the console is pretty high, will have to see the price of the ps4 now.
If its lower then MS are dead.

nypifisel1958d ago

In Europe the price is 660$ (499€)....

pompombrum1958d ago

While I agree with everything you've said, you're still looking at only the negatives. The conference itself was solid. If someone on here said that Microsoft would focus 95% of the conference on core games, people would have laughed in their faces.

Still, despite the solid conference, I saw nothing worth sacrificing my consumer beliefs over so can happily say I'll most likely pass on the console initially at least.

Tyre1958d ago

Exactly, It was a nosebleed style conference, they didn't say a word about Kinect & the DRM. They hope to mesmorize everybody with the cool games and cancelled all 1:1 interviews hoping it will blow over, but that has nothing to do with the restrictions build into the system. The games looked cool, too bad. They had a chance too come with honesty and speak about the worries head on. The 'thank you gamers for making us money' to the gamers is also a way to not mention the backlash and make it look like the press is the fault of it all and 'We do not blame the gamers for the backlash'. Guess what? If they really were thankful for the community they would have made some consessions to the community and adressed the DRM & Kinect worries right away and admitting they are harsh. They make it look like they give a shit, but in fact they didn't say anything. They hope to make it look like it is just the same as before, but it is shamefully not. Still buying a PS4/PC only.

raWfodog1958d ago

I do like the fact that the main focus was definitely on the games. As a gamer, I want both the PS4 and XB1 to do very well. I love playing the best games that all the consoles have to offer.

I believe their conference did a lot to assuage the fears of many people. Still not feeling the DRM aspect fo the console though.

pompombrum1958d ago

@Tyre - Yeah the thank you to gamers was like a huge slap in the face. It's like the guy announcing killer instinct and having the audacity to claim they are listening.. just one huge slap in the face.

ArnoldSchwarzenigra1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

You think you're getting a raw deal, at €500, it's $660 right off the bat, no Xbox Live at all. Can Europeans be outraged now?

pompombrum1958d ago

It's the same with all electronics though here in the UK at least.. Sony did it with the Vita, Apple do it with their products too. It's sad but something we've had to deal with for years.

ArnoldSchwarzenigra1958d ago

Though after extensive travel to the US and having the ability to pick up games and hardware at what I would consider super cheap, I just can't get used to the insanely high prices knowing I'm being ripped off.

NewZealander1958d ago

if you love sony so much go read playstation articles idiot...

3-4-51958d ago

They redeemed themselves in terms of games....other things not so much but it was a good conference regardless of what anyone says or thinks.

They showed us games and games that look like they will be really good too.

That is a solid lineup that will compete against Sony but in terms of pure games, we will be getting some very good ones in the next 1-3 years.

tiffac0081958d ago

I agree, MS has stated from the beginning their conference will be focused on games and nothing more. There is a reason they cancelled all post conference interview in the first place.

Although it did not changed anything with regards to the restrictions. They did what they set out to do.

Docknoss1958d ago

I really enjoyed MS conference, I will be noting one day one for sure.

Commandar_Shepard1958d ago

@NucaCola, Sony fanboys used to claim that Insomniac and Resistance were great. Now after the Xbone exclusive their franchises are being insulted. Hypocrisy runs through all sides.

That being said, I am really looking forward to Sony's conference. SONY IF YOU CAN GET THE PS4 TO BE $349 I WILL BUILD A SHRINE TO THE HOLY TRINITY OF KAZ, MARK CERNEY, AND NATHAN DRAKE!!!!!

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yugovega1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

i felt like they showed alot of decent titles. . . that could easily run on ps360/wiiu. i'm still not impressed with so called next gen graphics.

and at 499? the wiiu is saved

M-M1958d ago

That's what I'm saying. They showed a lot of great stuff but nothing was jaw dropping to me.

HeavenlySnipes1958d ago

Cryteks game looked great

MGSV stole the show (but its on PS4 as well lol)

Titanfall looked amazing. First 360 exclusive in years that I'm actually jealous about

Waiting on Sony to deliver. I think the lack of Kinect will lower its cost to around $399

Rivitur1958d ago

Good thing titanfall is also on PC then huh?

The_Troll_Whisperer1958d ago

If you want Titanfall, but don't want to buy an Xbox One, you can get it on PC!

I have spoken.

CaulkSlap1958d ago

Yeah definitely getting Titalfall on PC. But still going to be a big deal for console plebs. Going to maintain a big portion of 360's core XBL shooter base.

omi25p1958d ago

Quantum Break looked awesome aswell as Dead Rising 3. 2 core exclusives.

Eyeco1958d ago


Really I thought Dead Rising 3 was one of the low points, last gen graphics, brown muddy art style, emphasis on shooting, that series looks pretty much dead to me.

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maniacmayhem1958d ago

You have to remember like with all consoles the first gen games won't fully take advantage of the graphic capabilities of the system. I'm a positive that down the line you'll when these consoles mature more we'll start to see the mind blowing stuff.

JoeReno1958d ago

I agree, one of the better E3's MS has had in years(isnt saying too much) but they hardly "killed Sony" like MS claimed they would. sony would have to drop the ball pretty hard for MS to have killed.

Karpetburnz1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

IMO, Microsofts conference was decent, but had nothing mind blowing, at least they showed games. I agree it was there best E3 for a long time, but yea just like you said that's not saying much lol.

They did show plenty of exclusives, but the ones they showed didn't look that impressive, Ryse was the best for me, and I would like to play it. But TitanFall is multiplatform, it's available on 3 different platforms.

So overall the games they showed still isn't good enough for me to choose the Xbox over PS4, I'm sure Sony will have a strong showing, with over 40 games to be shown.

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Virtual_Reality1958d ago

From content wise, games, it was good.

The Price for it, not much. Probably the price went up with the Kinect integrated.

And I don't like the DRM robust model.

e-p-ayeaH1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

The games impressed me specially MGS5 and Battlefield 4.

And PlayStation 4 will be getting those.

Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 are pretty strong exclusives for xbox one but it as so many anti-consumer issues that i just feel like forgetting those games.


The question has to be asked though, in the case of Dead Rising etc, how long will they stay exclusive?

Dead Rising 1 was suppose to be exclusive back on the 360, along with lost planet, bioshock, mass effect etc.. they all.

it was not a bad showing, but none of it took my mind of the drm issues and all the rest of the crap they have tried to pull off.

e-p-ayeaH1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

well you cant have everything (unless you have a crap ton of money) but PS4 will surelly prove to be the one that offers the most of it.

kneon1958d ago

Well I can have just about anything I want but that conference did nothing to get my wallet to open up.

Gothdom1958d ago

At first, Ryse looked cool until all the NG3 style QTE happened. The only thing I liked about the rest was Dead Rising 3 and I think it could be timed exclusive. KI looked kinda cool, but I'm not sure I'd shell out money for it.

Titanfall isn't truly exclusive, so if it's good I might try it on steam.

All in all, it could've been worse for MS, but since the console is so restrictive, I'm not even anticipating the games for it. I mean, it's so unattractive that when I see Dead Rising 3 or KI, I say "meh, I'll miss on that" without caring too much. I'm sure they'll be great games, but the console is way too repulsive to even consider gaming on it. And I never talked about the price yet...

Neoninja1958d ago

I enjoyed the conference and can't wait to see the other ones later today.