Microsoft’s E3 Game Reveals Impressed, But Xbox One Price Was a Big Letdown: Can Sony Dominate?

Microsoft’s E3 conference has finally wrapped up and it was far, far better than their abysmal reveal event. But will it be better than what Sony has up their sleeves? - PSLS

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JonnyBigBoss1954d ago

If sony can hit $449 or less it's got this in the bag.

AngelicIceDiamond1954d ago

If Sony does a 450$ price tag they would be good.

mikeslemonade1954d ago

My impressions were opposite. It's not a bad price but the conference was just okay.

morganfell1954d ago

The other issue is launch titles. It doesn't do to show all sorts of 2014 titles without a firm indication of a stellar launch table.

I will go with my earlier prediction of a base PS4 model that comes in at $399 and an all in one model at $450 - $499 that includes camera, PS+ etc.

colonel1791954d ago

I just hope they don't have 2 SKUs. I hate multiple SKUs! Specially if they have different features.

hay1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

It was OK conference, no Kinect bollocks, hardcore gaming. More of the same though, nothing extremely surprising, nothing innovative or excessively impressive.
They did good job on hiding crowds impression :D which wasn't as enthusiastic as sounded.
Killer Instinct, would love to see it being great, but after few last burns with fighting games, would rather be careful.

But I sure know where to look for shooters now :D

NewMonday1954d ago

with XBLG the price is $550, you can hear the "wha!" from the audience, and low middle class families who are the biggest 369 owners simply can't afford it.

I think MS are planning a slower but more profitable start with the XB1 and keep focus on the 360 in NA for the first year, they bet the high income families will buy it this year and hope the ones with lower income hold out till MS can cut the price and bring out the higher profile games later on.

if Sony are smart they would go in hard and fast with games and a $400 price and don't get lulled into security by charging $450. this is a perfect storm of beneficial consumer sentiment and market conditions that will never happen again, the ball is in their court.

darthv721954d ago

It cant be that they need that much time to strategize their price in comparison to the $499 xbox one. we know they have the games to show, the only real mystery is the price and the actual look of the unit itself.

Their show is at 9pm EST and MS was at 12pm EST. That is a gap of 9 hours to prepare.

i expect there to be the reveal of the price and the system and maybe more clarification on their stance of letting the publishers control if there will be fees for used games or DRM. It should be Sony that is in control, is their platform.

ShinMaster1953d ago

Does early DLC count?

Anyway, the Xbox conference had great previews for PS4 games as well ;)

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NatureOfLogic1954d ago

I'm so hyped for sony E3. Can't wait to see the console and Final Fantasy versus.

NegativeCreep4271954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

the PS4 will still be a great bargain against the Xbox One.

After all, if you want to play online with XBone you still have to pay for Xbox Live. With PS4 no additional charge is required.

Cam9771954d ago

Which bumps the price up to $549 USD.

darthv721954d ago

that we know of. No doubt sony will be keeping PS+ but they have been studying the trend of pay to play for some time.

they held true to their word for the PS3 but will that transcend to the PS4? If they offered tiered service plans that meant the paid members got the better servers then we could see people opting for the better deal of paying.

Free play could continue but at the cost of either more ad based game types or smaller games due to server restrictions. sony knows they can make $$ from online besides PS+ subs.

titletownrelo1954d ago

SONY needs to remind everyone that PSN is a FREE service, has a TON of exclusives, and has BETTER hardware.

ThanatosDMC1954d ago

PS4 will have free-to-play games at launch. DCUO, Planetside 2, and Warframe. Hopefully, Hawken jumps in too.

XabiDaChosenOne1954d ago

"they held true to their word for the PS3 but will that transcend to the PS4?" Wishful thinking if your trying to imply otherwise. The PSvita (Sonys next gen handheld and complimentary PS4 device) is doing online gaming a Xgamechat for free. To imply that Sony will have two consoles that are supposed to compliment each other yet have two different philosophies on online gameplay would be retarded. Nice try though.

darthv721954d ago

you glossed over the part where i said tiered service. Meaning that they could keep a free element but it wont be as expansive or dedicated as a paid service.

The vita is a complementary device that can fall into any tier of service if you are the one who own the vita AND the PS4.

depending on the level of paid service, your ps4 and vita share the same online access. It isnt that retarded (your word not mine) to think sony would do such a thing.

its very cost effective, especially if they are promoting the two platforms as a joined opportunity. People would pay for better servers and specific game types.

just because you won't doesnt mean the next guy wont as well. Try to keep an open mind, this is business we are talking about.

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Brazz1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

things are more deep than simple "lower price = Win"...
Whit $499 price, i'm sure as shit, MS is taking no loses whit X1. this may hit hard their inicial sales, but this is good for profits, profits that can be used to gain more "advantages" for X1.
Sony, in other hand, can take the "Low price and bad profit route", that has no granted sucess. Depends heavily in good sofware sales, is bad for company profit but have better chance to make bases for the console...
Let's see what comes on top.
No loss on hardware vs loss on hardware and better price tag.

Shaaunyb1954d ago

Your spelling made me cry a little.

Brazz1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

sorry, my english is very poor compared to my japonese, portuguese, espanol and French...

Flipgeneral1954d ago

$499 is a fine price.

I'm expecting the PS4 to cost the same

ziratul1954d ago

PS4 = $399 XBOX ONE is expensive because of Kinekt 2.0

ziratul1954d ago

I bet on $399 PS4 price tag. XBOX one is expensive because it has expensive add-on Kinect 2

V0LT1954d ago

$499 with CHEAP DDR3... LOL!

Peppino71954d ago

Looks like my previous predictions came true. I'll tell you one thing right now. If they can beat ms launch date by a month or so, even with similar pricing, Sony will start off amazingly! $500 is not a lot for a system with all this tech and entertainment it can provide.

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TrendyGamers1954d ago

Can't wait till tonight and what Sony is going to show.

Godmars2901954d ago

Not if MS has bought most of the displays as E3...

ftwrthtx1954d ago

I'm still hoping for a $349 PS4 price tag. That would give them an unbeatable edge.

ftwrthtx1954d ago

I don't think they would take a loss at that price. They might break even, but the components should be much cheaper this time around.

Angeljuice1954d ago

PS3 CPU and gpu cost well over $300. PS4 Apu rumoured to be ~$100-$150. Could easily undercut Xbox and still make a profit,

greenpowerz1954d ago

MSFT will simply offer their subsidized payment plan they use with the 360.

Pick it up for $299 with a XBL gold subscription of course that is something that MSFT will not talk about so far out from launch LOL

One4U1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


Jdoki1954d ago

So... now we're 'waiting for GamesCon' are we for news?

I thought E3 was going to reveal all???

Considering how quickly the price was announced and then they closed the show they knew they'd get heat. If they were going to do a subscription at launch then they would have announced it. I don't think the subscription model will come until after the early adopters have bought at full price.