Redesigned Xbox 360 Looks Exactly Like Xbox One

GamerZines writes:

One of the many, many, many new announcements at Microsoft’s E3 press conference was of a newly designed Xbox 360 which will be quieter and smaller than the current ‘S’ spec.

The problem is the new and improved Xbox 360 looks remarkably similar to the Xbox One, almost distressingly so as if it’s been designed to confuse would be buyers. We take a closer look.

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GdaTyler2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )


Why are they redesigning the 360? It indeed will confuse a lot of people, especially the type of workers in a store who don't know anything about the products they sell.

*Customer looks at redesigned 360
Customer: What is this system?
Worker: Oh, that's the new XBOX One.

Salooh2008d ago

They are doing a super slim xbox360 like sony to lower the manufacturing costs but still sell it with the same price or even more. Unless they announced a price drop that i didn't noticed ^^ ..

darthv722008d ago

"Worker: Oh, that's the new XBOX One." yeah with Xbox 360 name on the

on topic: The size of the xbox one was roughly between the size of the 360 and 360S. Now with this 360S.5 it looks to be more rectangular instead of having the nice contours.

It's not as hard edged as the xbox one though, so there is still some curves to the edges.

for all we know, this could wind up being very collectable because anyone who wanted a 360 probably got one of the other variants. this will be like the top loading NES or the SNES-2 or even the Master system 2.

those systems were released at or near the end of their run and because of a limited availability in light of the newer consoles at the same time, they became more collectors items and still hold a great value today.

WhittO2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

No it doesn't... It just looks really cheap now.

It looks much worse than the original design imo

jc485732008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

my opinion: the last model looks better. I bet the S model is going to go for a lot kinda like what happened with the slim model of PS3. I even got the S model for way less with 250GB, so I don't understand why it's not getting a price drop.

TheUndertaker852008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Many American consumers choose the "New and shiny" product instead of basing their purchases on functionality or actually knowing if its "new".

This stereotype, sadly, can be shown and proven. This is why most American advertisements now have literally zero to do with the product they're trying to sell.

And yes, I am American however I care to be informed about my purchase and what it offers to me.

Droidbro2008d ago

Yeah, I could see how someone who can't read might get confused. There are just so many illiterate gamers and retailers out there. /s

GdaTyler2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Honestly, if you had gone to some of those stores like Best Buy, you would laugh. Those workers don't know half of the crap that's in the store they work in. Let's say there is someone not familiar with gaming and sees it on display, they might confuse it with another console. I've seen this crap happen too many times before. -__-

Angeljuice2008d ago

When you create a cutting-edge design like the Xbone, you want to use it as much as possible /s .

FITgamer2007d ago

Sarcasm? That design was cutting edge in 1986.

steve30x2008d ago

In all honesty if you confuse the new Xbox 360 with the Xbox one then you seriously need to go to the opticians. The Xbox one has all square edges where the 360 is rounded , the vent on the side is different , theres a DVD tray and theres an eject button with green around it. Its easy to tell them appart

GameCents2008d ago

Except that it will say xbox 360 on the box -__- iphone 4 looks exactly like iphone 5, nobody buys the one thinking it's the other. Fail troll.

GdaTyler2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Sorry for offending you xbot.

Have fun playing this and your Tivo720 when you get it later this year. lol

mediate-this2007d ago

the systems don't look alike, apart from them both being black, im sure the boxing wil be different, and it will say xbone or xbox 360.

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jonboi242008d ago

They didn't even drop the price.....

guitarded772008d ago

Yeah, that was a surprise. New design with the same price. Probably around holiday time we'll see a price drop.

PeteDoherty2008d ago Show
BattleReach2008d ago

I like the look of my Xbox 360 Slim more than this One.

TheBrit2008d ago

Yeah considering they said it was supposed to be designed that way and it only looks somewhat similar but is very distinctive as a 360.

When when people go to the store to buy one they say 'I would like an Xbox 360 please' or they look for the box that says 'Xbox 360' on it opposed to saying 'I would like one of those black ones please' I don't think anyone will have a problem picking up the right machine.

So yeah, you are trying to make something out of nothing - apparently one of those that just has to find something wrong with everything they see I guess.

mydyingparadiselost2008d ago

Wasn't it just a few short months ago when everyone was like 'Wii U, so many people are going to get confused, what is is thing a tablet for my Wii?!?' Your giving people too much credit Brit.

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