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Michael from We Got This Covered wrote:

Stranded in a grocery store, I was surrounded. Zombies poured in from the windows as I unloaded the last clip from my 1911 into a wall of the undead that were rapidly approaching. Realizing that my last shot alerted a nearby horde, I had the uneasy feeling that my fully leveled character Ed might be facing his last minutes alive and if he was, he would be going out in a blaze of glory. I took every zombie on full force, bashing them into bloody pulps until I was too exhausted to go on. Frantically mashing my D-pad, I prayed I still had a bag of potato chips and codeine to recover my stamina and health. Turning up nothing but an alarm clock, I made a decision to throw the clock behind me. Luckily, it gave me enough time to leap through a window and escape to a nearby warehouse. This is the world of State of Decay.

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SITH2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

This game is well worth the $15. Admittedly the frame rate sucks, but the gameplay is addictive and entirely well done. Weapons galore!