Has Microsoft's E3 2013 Showing Lessened Your Interest in the PS4?

Push Square: "It was imperative that the Xbox One had a strong showing at E3 2013. Last month, the backlash to the platform’s initial unveiling was undeniably negative, with a whopping 84 per cent of you noting that the system had done nothing to quell your anticipation for the PlayStation 4. But today’s press conference was a lot stronger, and Microsoft definitely delivered on its promise of big exclusive games. But has the showing lessened your interest in Sony’s next generation console, or are you just as hyped as ever?"

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iGAM3R-VIII1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

not really, you see I loved the fact it was all about games and it was a nice presentation. They had some good looking exclusives and all but the reason I have not budged is because the restrictions are still there. I do not remember MS going through the restrictions and used game and always online policies. A want a game console where i own at least majority of the rights and other concepts. Also most of the games shown were multiplat so I mean like "whatever".

If those policies were gone however, I would enjoy the X1 a bit more but due to that reason, I did not. \

So to conclude.....

Greatness awaits at 9pm EST my friends....

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Aceman181957d ago

for me no even though it was a good presser many were multi-plat, and the others that arent 1st party are probably timed exclusives.

im a patient person who cant wait for my games lol.

The_Con-Sept1957d ago

For the games that were shown... I have two words that hurt to say but it's pretty damn true...... Too late..... Already got 300 for my ps4 saved up so far. Waiting for the unveiling.

NewMonday1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I have to honestly say that Spark, QB,D4 WoT and of course Halo did excite me, also the lack of Kinect $#!t...BUT!

..I will never get the XB1 with all the DRM, always-online, mandatory Kinect, personal data collection, killing game ownership and now impossibly high price.

hakis861956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Might be 9pm for you guys... it's gonna be 3am my local time... time to get a few hours of sleep before Sony's show!
Microsoft actually had a great show this year, compared to the last few years. Sadly, as iGamer said, the restrictions are still there.

jc485731957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I was only interested in like 2 games: Dead Rising 3 (fan of first two games) and MGSV (Kojima needs to clarify if this is only the 2nd part of the game). A little bit on Killer Instinct mainly because I grew up playing it on the N64. Aside from that, we still need to find out what PS4 has in store for us and most importantly about that DRM clarification (a simple yes or no would do). Did the conference excite me? with only 2 games? nah.

GrownUpGamer1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


Are you mad bro? Why are you mad? Why the instant defend sony mode stance?

Calm down bro Sony is just another console maker and not your girlfriend (if you have one) to defend her.

Geez people wake up and stop the damn idolatry.

If you are going to defend something in the gaming world defend the game designers/developers.

People here (you know who i mean) pass more time defending a console maker than spending time discussing about games on what is new and what they wanna see in gameplay. This place (n4g) is like a gladiator arena instead a damn tree where everybody comes to discuss the future of gameplay and what they want for this gen. The majority of the news is attacking this and exalting the other.

WHAT ABOUT GAMES? WHAT ABOUT THEM? everyday you come here all i see is people killing each other for their gods of plastic while we the ones that really care about game enjoy them on the console instead of been here 24/7 wasting time defending a brand(both sides).

CUT THE B.S. lets talk about what we want, the ideas the bring to the new gen and what they need to ad for us to enjoy.

Grow up people!

iGAM3R-VIII1957d ago

hahaha, of course I am not mad :P

Just teaching trolls the truth about gaming and correcting them! ;) loool

karl1957d ago

since sony has soo many first party developers..
soo u should consider all the game developers that goo attached to sony

but its extremely conservative console forcing new tech that very few want on you VS

u are investing your money dude... its silly not to do a little research before putting down your money on a product based on what that company is trying to sell u, rather than what it really is

very few studios depend on MS. it wouldnt really matter if they didnt exist

MoonConquistador1956d ago

Very well said GrownUpGamer except I would change the game designers/developers part to principles.

Its difficult to know the exact relationships developers have with publishers etc but I do know that the publishers have more effect on their slice of the pie than the consumers (even taking used games and lending to friends into account)

The whole delivery model needs to be revised to take into account quality of a game before they automatically slap a "next-gen" price tag on it. Downloadable titles need to be priced a lot cheaper than their disc equivalents to actually provide as much value.

I earn more than enough money to pay nearly £40 but its still too high a price for most games out there. £90 if you wanted to buy COD and all its map packs (or season pass), absolutely ridiculous. Why not as many games at the £20 mark (other than the HD collections etc). Going by the quality and length of experience you get from it, some games should never have released at £40-£45

Maybe if they looked at pricing as part of the problem we would all win somewhere. Its like any ecosystem, there needs balance on all sides.

TechnicianTed1957d ago

I thought they redeemed themselves to a certain extent, they said E3 was going to be all about the games, and they did what they said. Dead Rising 3 looked amazing.

To be honest, this was one of their best E3's ever.


same here, if anything I am even more interested to see what sony have to show. The eggs are in their basket now.

cooperdnizzle1957d ago

Me as well. I really Can't wait for Sony's turn. MS. However did a really good job at there's. Still don't know if i will buy an xbone on launch though. I will diffidently be picking up a ps4 day 1

marinelife91957d ago

No, lots of games but nothing looked truly next gen. Although Ryse looked pretty cool.

TechnicianTed1957d ago

I wasn't particularly impressed with Ryse, it looked like GOW, but with Romans, and less interesting stuff.

nypifisel1957d ago

Yeah, like I said before. The best game in the world doesn't make the x1 less anti-consumer.

Also people going on the social buzz about X1 saying it's infront of PS4? ERM OF COURSE it is, it was Microsofts Conference. When the PS4 conference starts it'll get more buzz.. Jeez, the lack of brain on some people.

AngelicIceDiamond1957d ago

This thread filled quick 0_O

I'm still waiting on Sony nothings set in stone until Sony goes.

farhad2k81957d ago

It's made me MORE INTERESTED in the PS4, more than ever in fact.

The Microsoft show was a let down, nothing made me go 'WOW'.

ZeroX98761957d ago

I can't say I'm less interested in the PS4, but everyone should agree that microsoft made quite a surprise with all those announcement. Maybe it's not all what the fans wanted, but it's a great start.

Honestly, After sony E3 press conference, if sony doesn't go the microsoft way (which I supposed they won't), Microsoft will probably change tactics. That's the only thing I'm hoping for.

the only thing that's bugging me is yes, there's some interesting exclusive, but a grand majority of them are third party! I know they have a lot of spare cash, because well it's microsoft! but will they do this through all this gen?


Take a good look at the games that were suppose to be exclusive to the 360 and how many of them eventually jumped to the ps3 anyway..

Whatever MS likes to spend on making 3rd party games exclusive, they don't spend enough to keep them exclusives most of the time which is why personally I am not sold.

titletownrelo1956d ago

PS4 fanboy: wow, so many bad rumors on the Xbox 720

720 fanboy: shut up, and wait till the console reveal!

PS4 fanboy: WTF, DRM, no used games, Kinect stalker and TV?

ONE fanboy: shut up, and wait till confirmation!

PS4 fanboy: well, M$ have shot themselves in the foot

ONE fanboy: shut up, and wait till E3!

PS4 fanboy: Meh, it was decent. But most of the games are multi plat, and $500?! C'mon man. PS4 is the way.

ONE fanboy: shut up, and wait till NEXT gen!

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Majin-vegeta1957d ago

Lol nope most those games will be coming to PS4 also.

Corpser1957d ago

And most of ps4 games are also coming to xb one, so?

givemeshelter1957d ago

Not based on N4G.COM community.
PS4 swill get almost all the 3rd party games and the Xboxone very little...based on N4G.COM...
You know how this site works? LOL

Veneno1957d ago

Ps4 will have many many many more exclusives. You can't deny that.

Hicken1957d ago

The question is: whose non-exclusive library is larger and more impressive?

gano1957d ago

And all of my friends offline can enjoy everyone of them
free of charge.

Outside_ofthe_Box1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


How did you come to that conclusion?

If most of the games are coming to the PS4 and most are coming to the XB1 then why should one be **less** interested in the PS4 as the question proposed by the article asked?

I guess it's a CRIME for the the community to NOT be any less interested in the PS4 than they were prior to MS' showing. I guess everyone on MUST have less interest in the PS4 because the majority of games are coming to the PS4 and vice versa in order to not have someone like givemeshelter LOLing at them because that's how this site should work according to givemeshelter...

smh @ the mentality some people have on here.

gamertk4211957d ago

My friends ALL have online.

Hicken1956d ago

Not non-exclusive. Non-multiplat.

Oh, and no DRM helps, too.

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poopsack1957d ago

So its pretty much the same as before, no reason to be less interested in the PS4, which is what the question was. Pay attention.

majiebeast1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

499$... Why did they give the Killer Instinct Ip to the guys that made Silenthill Homecoming.

Godmars2901957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Show me the games!

PS4 games that is...

Seriously, this is now Sony's to lose. And they'd have to try at that.

One4U1957d ago

as a huge insomniac fan , i was really disappointed but good luck to them ! X1 had a great show but it doesnt change the fact they have all these restrictions! Lets see what sony will pull off at e3 !

Campy da Camper1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Agreed. Unless Sony goes full retard I will own a ps4 and WiiU this Winter. Ms showed some good games but I do not want my system watching me watch in my recliner.

Godmars2901957d ago

MS already beat them to full-full retard. Still have the DRM and used game issue over their head. Sony could waste most of their show just talking sales numbers and still dominate with a sizzle reel, and solid facts about their used games and online policies. Namely that games you buy from them are and will forever be yours.

mushroomwig1957d ago

That all depends on the PS4 conference doesn't it? If Sony announce a decent amount of third party exclusives, Uncharted 4 and a price point of $399 then it'll be my system for the next generation.

Qrphe1957d ago

We won't have to worry about the support. If they don't do some stupid used-game policy I'll be golden.

UnHoly_One1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I'll be amazed if it is less than 499.

Quite honestly, I expected both consoles to be 499 minimum, and wouldn't have been surprised at 549 or higher.

NegativeCreep4271957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Especially when you see the full picture and realize the Xbox one is ACTUALLY $600.

Mandatory 24 hour online checks equals mandatory Xbox live, which equals an extra $50 plus $50 tax.

Edit: Fair enough, but Xbox Live Silver still doesn't grant any kind of online gameplay to the player, so Microsoft still isn't doing their consumers any favor with it.

Zhipp1957d ago

Yes, it equals Mandatory Xbox Live Silver, which is free.

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TripC501957d ago

Along with my SSB, Mario Kart, Zelda, 3D Mario, Metroi Box (WiiU) I will have the next cheapest Big Three console.

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