Dead Rising 3 Gameplay Footage

Powered by a next-gen engine, Dead Rising 3 premiered today during the Microsoft press conference. The game was indeed demoed and showed off some impressive features.

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Sketchy_Galore2009d ago

The amount of zombies on screen is mind blowing. The graphics overall look pretty good but the player animation is horrendous and the writing and overall tone still looks too cheesy for my tastes., As the Dead rising series always was. I know, I know, B movies etc but it doesn't look B movie cheesy, it looks Capcom cheesy.

JsonHenry2009d ago

I hope they fix the crappy character animations too. It seems strange to see dead rising going "serious" but I have to admit it made me want it.

SITH2009d ago

Dead rising looks freaking epic! I hope it has coop.

GusBricker2009d ago

It does. Confirmed by the Ex Producer.

SITH2009d ago

Yeah I have E3 recorded on my DVR and just saw that. So happy.

ThanatosDMC2009d ago

I hope more gas zombies since it made DR2 actually feel like a survival game. Though i do love the crazy mayhem.

jc485732009d ago needs to go multiplat.

Pintheshadows2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I have a feeling that Deep Down may be exclusive to the PS4 so don't be to disappointed. DR3 looks awesome though. As silly as ever but with tech to back it up.

Dead Rising was Xbox first in fairness Jc.

jc485732009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

the reason why it needs to go to multiplat is mainly because there is an established fan base in Sony platforms and it isn't small either. Isn't it more important to build a bigger fan base across all platforms? DR2 sold well on the PS3. Yes, i am worried about the DRM as well and how the game will sell on the xboxone. Worst thing that could ever happen to the series is getting abandoned by Capcom.

VileAndVicious2009d ago

Wasn't the original dead rising exclusive at first? Give it some time might be a timed exclusive.

iamgoatman2009d ago

Isn't the first Dead Rising still exclusive to X360 though?

jc485732009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

the first game is still exclusive unfortunately, but I also heard that it was also timed exclusive. Capcom was planning on releasing it as a PSN title, but then it never happened (all talk I guess). That doesn't change the fact that ps3 gamers loved DR2 and with the DRM thing going on, it seems rather pointless to buy the xboxone just to play DR3. I wouldn't mind if Capcom released another version of DR3 on the PS4 where you get to play as the main protagonist's wife "only."

thelaughingwiseman2009d ago

Ha, I like your avatar GusBricker. And yes! I did watch Reggis in the morning

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The story is too old to be commented.