Harrison: "Nobody Has Been More Committed To Indies Than Microsoft"

GamesIndustry International: ''Microsoft's Phil Harrison has stated the company's commitment to working with independent and diverse developers for Xbox One.''

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PopRocks3594061d ago

Ha. That's a pretty funny headline.

StraightPath4061d ago

LOL at the damage control and hurt fanboys.

MICRSOFT Show was incredible!!! no idea how sony will match them we will wait and see.

basically whole show was non stop games and exclusive bombshells

b_one4061d ago

bombshells? counted 3...

-Mika-4061d ago

I agree and it shows how Sony dominated this site is. Everyone is downplaying MS conference when they know it was great.

OldGirl4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

They showed what Ryse, Dead Rising, Project Spark, Forza (which we already saw) and D4. Oh Sunset Overdrive also but no gameplay was shown.

Wow about 6 exclusives and Titanfall is coming out on PC so that doesn't count. Bombshells lol. What happened to those 15 exclusive games they were bragging about? 6 is not even close to 15.

Godchild10204061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

It seems like you are doing the damage control. PopRocks359 mentioned nothing about the conference, yet you bring it up.

While Microsoft conference was good, it was just what they needed to be brought back from the conference they had last month and get some people to not talk about the DRM and online connection issues.

Killer Instinct is one of the games that is selling me on the XB1, Dead Rising is another, but I expect that to come to the PS4 or PC at some point.

Thatguy-3104061d ago

Bombshells? Alright if you say so

OldGirl4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

LOL MIKA!!! Now that is fucking hilarious... What is Microsoft paying you off now as well?

Dannehkins4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Striaghtpath/Mika see if you still have the same opinion when you've shelved out more than £450 because you wanted the Xbox One with a game or an extra controller maybe.

Somehow I don't think you'll be running to kiss Microsoft's ass then.

And take it from me, I bought the PS3 on launch. I can guarantee you I will not be purchasing another console at a price point like that again.

NatureOfLogic4061d ago

You have games but you still have this overpiced inferior cable/rental box that has to be connected online just to play. I'm super excited./s

pompombrum4061d ago

Sorry but that headline is complete and total damage control by the sounds of it.

Microsoft's show was solid, in fact, I was surprised by the fact they kept it almost 100% core gamer orientated. Sadly, all the controversy has killed most of my enthusiasm for the console and with the possible exception of Project Spark, nothing really stood out enough to make me overlook the console's most blatant faults.

swishersweets200314061d ago

The show was cool. i cant deny that. BUT.. i still want the questions answered about their policy towards the games they have. If i cant rent games on it its a no go for me.

RiPPn4061d ago

I'm curious what you thought was incredible?

Ryse: seemed like a God of War clone.
Sunset Overdrive: Sad to see Insomniac doing an exclusive for Microsoft, but they showed no gameplay
Dead Rising 3: looked good
Battlefield 4, Titanfall, and Witcher 3 are all mutiplat.

Nothing there says pay $499 and give up consumer rights and privacy. So what say you?

kenshiro1004061d ago

...What bombshells?

Studio-YaMi4061d ago

Having good exclusives doesn't mean their stupid/idiotic policies are gone,you're getting too hyped I see.

Good for you lol,still waiting for SONYs E3,hopefully they won't disappoint me. :D

4061d ago
NatureOfLogic4061d ago

Lets all over look the drm and always on just because MS showed games./s

sunnygrg4061d ago

"Nobody Has Been More Committed To Indies Than Microsoft"

Erm... Sony?

GenericNameHere4061d ago

What happened to the "15 exclusive games, 8 of which are new IPs" promise??!! Did I miss it? People said "wait for E3", and I felt nothing! There was no HUGE announcement, except for MGSV also on X1 and Insomniac making an exclusive X1 game! $500? Then another $60 to play online? That's $560!! That's a hard sell.

ThanatosDMC4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Bombshell? Like Plant vs Zombies? Only thing i liked was Dead Rising 3. $500 price is ridiculous considering what's inside the box and the amount they want for Live plus the fact that we'll be renting games instead of owning the damn things.

Phil Harrison is a super spy.

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DJMarty4061d ago


-Mika-4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Well it does have some truth to it. They're the ones that really bought indies attention to consoles. That a fact. Sony or Nintendo can't say that. Obviously, they are not that committed but they are the ones that bought alot of attention to indies by promoting them in XBL and creating a free program for them to use to get their games on the 360.

TheTwelve4061d ago

...link, or die. =)

Meanwhile, they're pissing off more indies than anything else at the moment.


wishingW3L4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

look at what the indies think about the Xbone:


MS doesn't even support self-publishing so they obviously don't give a crap about indies. And when an indie has to find a publisher to put their games on the console then it's not an indie game anymore you know.

Death4061d ago


XNA released in 2004 to support indie development for all Microsoft platforms including the Xbox.

"Xbox 360 games written in XNA Game Studio can be submitted to the App Hub,[21] for which premium membership is required (about US$99/year). All games submitted to the App Hub are subjected to peer review by other creators. If the game passes review then it is listed on Xbox Live Marketplace. Creators can set a price of 80, 240 or 400 points for their game. The creator is paid 70% of the total revenue from their game sales as a baseline. Microsoft originally planned to take an additional percentage of revenue if they provided additional marketing for a game, but this policy was rescinded in March 2009, leaving the flat rate intact regardless of promotion.[22]

Microsoft also distributes a free year premium App Hub subscription for educational establishments through their DreamSpark program and MSDNAA. These accounts allow students to develop games for the Xbox 360, but developers still need a premium Xbox Live account to submit their game to the marketplace"

Thirty3Three4061d ago

Hahaha! When I read the title, I literally busted out laughing!!!

Dark_Overlord4061d ago

I laughed when he said it on stage, after all the articles from Indies recently, for Harrison to say that was hilarious :)

mario194061d ago

Xbox One plus Live 600$ US Dollars after taxes confirmed

batbatz4061d ago Show
Donnieboi4061d ago


"Well Said" bubble for you

Oldman1004061d ago

*Sniff* *Sniff* *Sniiiiiiifffff*

Anyone else smell that?

JsonHenry4061d ago

You know, if you don't count GOG.com, Steam, Sony, etc..