$499 Is A Dangerous Price For Microsoft's Xbox One

Forbes: ''Microsoft dropped a bombshell at its Xbox One press conference today. It came on all of a sudden, without a big flashing number or display. It hung in the air just the same. The Xbox One will retail at $499 when it releases in November, and that could be a very dangerous price for Microsoft’s new console.''

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mario192008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

549$ counting mandatory Xbox Live Gold online


BABYLEG2008d ago

If I don't care about paying for gold right now, why would I care now? Stop trying to make things look bad, Xbox owners are satisfied with gold so don't try to make us think its a bad thing

plaZeHD2008d ago

I am an Xbox 360 owner and I am not satisfied. I pay a lot, but get so little.

mario192008d ago

Stop trying to make things look bad?

Things ARE bad

Xbox One is 499$ US Dollars HUGE PRICE
And you NEED Live
EVERYONE pays over 600$ after taxes.

Dee_912008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I guess its that price because of kinect..It just shouldnt be mandatory at all.
I was thinking they would announce different versions,Like 1 without kinect and smaller hd

Dape2008d ago

Well at least now you get two free games every month...
Assassins Creed II and Halo 3 for first month -_-

worldwidegaming2008d ago

Mandatory is bad no matter how you TRY spin it.
You would pay but does that give them the right to make me pay?
$549 is right. Too high? Not really.
You are actually paying for exclusives and kinect rather than the actual system.

Now no one can complain about PC's being so expensive or the wii-u being crappy/expensive.
At this level its all about choice rather than cost.

I for one will reserve one and on launch decide if i really want it or not. (better safe than sorry)

thechosenone2008d ago

With taxes that's $568!!! O.O

BABYLEG2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Well my Xbox live carries over so IDC about paying for live at launch

keep bitching people, keep bitching because its falling on deaf ears

mario192008d ago

Falling on your deaf ears because unlike us, you are going to be Boned by Microsoft

Kleptic2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I've been around this site since it went live more or less...and the spin with these kind of things is always funny...

when the PS3 launched at $499/$599 in the US, things were a little different. Sony HAD the industry, no question. PS as a brand was unmatched. Going into late 2006, the PS2 had punished the 360 the entire year. Nearly every game, save Gears of War, was being developed on the PS2 first. The 360 had absolutely no momentum going into the ps3's launch...and what happened?

The biggest name in the industry...nearly over-night...lost that advantage. The PS3's launch will go down as arguably the biggest misstep in industry history...and it was ALL because of price.

but now the legions of MS fans seem to think their company will do it better? The 360 isn't some industry leveling device, it just managed to pick up the ball when Sony dropped it...ending a generation in as close to a tie as ever. But now the next xbox has received unanimous bad press with 'anti-consumer' drm pushing, alienated millions upon millions of possible users who don't have broadband access, a lack of quality exclusive content, and a even pretty much guaranteed to offer no price advantage over its main competitor...

this article hit it perfectly from what i can tell...MS announced the xbox one as a device to broaden the attract millions of entertainment fans that may not be all that interested in core gaming...but then they priced it to a degree that only the most die-hard of gaming fans will be remotely interested...EXACTLY what Sony did with the ps3...all last week there were rumors of $350 or $399 for the Xbox One, or even a subscription service in which you get the box for free as long as you keep a XBL gold account live (albeit at a higher monthly cost, but whatever)...why do you think those rumors were around? Because it was the ONLY thing that made sense based on MS's radical gestapo like privacy control. It was the only way to make the system seem attractive to any one but a fanboy, or an idiot...which are one in the same, i know...and that...didn't...come...clo

if Sony couldn't pull it off in the position they used to be one can...end of story...If sony pushes the PS4 out at the same'll be one hell of a war, and one so bloody the industry over all will suffer...developer creativity will be compressed, risk taking on publisher end will stop...and the result will be Call of Halo (was that the name of it?)...if Sony cuts under the Xbox One to any significant degree price wise, its over...but if not, it'll be years before the dust settles and there is anything all that creative to actually play...

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gano2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

You think i'm about to give up 500d, plus extra for games.
Get home. And realize i can't play the damn thing without being online.
Damn, and your online membership.

Where is the prince of saiya-jin!?

lucidity2008d ago

Certainly reflective of the confidence they seem to have in the box. A mistake, to be sure. How bad it is will be shaped by Sony's announcement. Entirely possible - as the article speculates - that both companies could get this wrong and damage the industry badly.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2008d ago

I'm not surprised about the price and I am surprised that people are.

LostCypher112008d ago

I agree with you $500 seems like a logical price when you consider the Price of other tech on the market these days. the fact the people did not expect this is kinda shocking to me.

iliimaster2008d ago

i paid that for the ps3 but i could play offline or online and free with a back catalog of games worth it,

the new xbox is required to be online always needing to be kinnected web cam and microphone all that does not add up to 499 to me i know hands down now i wont be getting one, its up to ps4 now no webcam required should bring the price to 400$ and they will steal i mean STEAL the show

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