Zoo Tycoon Announced for Xbox One & 360 - Trailer

The wildly popular "Zoo Tycoon" series is back and bigger than ever! "Zoo Tycoon" on Xbox 360 and Xbox One has all your favorite zoo animals available for a new level of up close and personal interactions with the animals and zoo, and with intuitive controls and fun tutorials that are enjoyable for players of all ages. From creating, caring and customizing, to building, sharing and socializing, "Zoo Tycoon" has something for everyone!

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Pozzle3827d ago

Zoo Tycoon? Oh man, that brings back memories.


The Ultimate Animal Collection of Zoo Tycoon is now here

Neil writes "Zoo Tycoon first hit Xbox One way back in 2013, alongside an Xbox 360 version, to ensure all those who had jumped on board with the launch of Xbox One and Kinect 2.0 had something to mess around with. Kinect features were plentiful, and kids the world over absolutely adored getting hands on with the wonders of the zoo. Now though, some four years later, and Kinect is pretty much dead in the water, but technology has also moved on ten-fold and that has enabled the Ultimate Animal Collection edition of Zoo Tycoon to become a reality."

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Top 10 Worst Xbox One Video Games

Check out the 10 Xbox One video games Screen Critics feel make for the worst experience on the console.

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The Odd Return of Kinect on Xbox One

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes "Xbox has really just left Kinect to die this generation which I find rather sad, but many rejoice about and oddly there are some Kinect games releasing after many years. "

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darthv722292d ago

I like the idea of kinect. the tech is very solid and can do some impressive stuff. I didn't care for the forced adoption of it at the initial release of the xbo (and many felt the same way) but it just wasnt utilized properly and that is the sad part. As an optional accessory to a game it can be pretty cool but as a mandatory only way to play... not so much.

sk8ofmnd2292d ago

While i partially agree and gave you the agree, i feel as though kinnect has been "dead on arrival" since the end of the 360 gen and beg of the xb1. If they wouldnt have went with all those anticonsumer ideals, (xb1 only works with kinnect, trying to kill used games, always online, ect) and had an xb1 without kinnect matching the ps4's price, they would have been in a much better position then they are in now. The idea of kinnect sounds interesting, but without must have games it really falls flat. I think they should chaulk it up as a wash, realize it failed and move on. They need to ignore all this multifacet console stuff and just focus on being a games machine. Question for you... Do you think since the 360 the xb1 has lost much of its fanbase? I do. They really cant afford many more mistakes.

darthv722292d ago

"Do you think since the 360 the xb1 has lost much of its fanbase?" Yes... yes I do.

And i also agree that they should have had a kinect-less sku at launch. It could have fared better if consumers had a choice at different price levels.

_-EDMIX-_2292d ago


They need to simply let developers organically develop on it. I never felt forcing it on gamers was ever going to help them, if anything it makes it hard for developers to have a good track on how many even own it cause they want it.

dcbronco2292d ago

Darth, not properly utilized is the real problem. Microsoft has a problem introducing new tech and then going "here, make stuff with this". There aren't many developers with the extra cash to take risk so they have to take the lead on new technologies. But here is one way I would like to see Kinect used.

xbox.uservoice.com/forums/363 186--new-ideas/suggestions/1718 9363-kinect-as-rts-controller

Bigpappy2292d ago

I think it never got the proper support for games on Xbox. I used mine a lot on 360.

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PhoenixUp2292d ago

It'd be interesting to see more games and features make use of the Kinect and PS Camera

sk8ofmnd2292d ago

I want waggle, motion controls, and kinnect/sony camera stuff to fade away.

denawayne2292d ago

Disney Adventures actually was not a bad game. Using the controller to explore the park though in the update is a blessing. The old game had you raise your hand in front of you to guide your character. Talk about 5 minute play sessions.

InKnight7s2292d ago

Microsoft is acting like they are in Sony position in market, "Yeah we have alot of fans and excellent base and most of them got alot of games and variety so why not let us reintroduce something we fail to do in 2010 and we trolled about in 2013" really Kinect in time cancelling games and delaying the only cloud power aclaimed game. And leaving X1X with just Forza? And 4k for games were already reintroduce?

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