Xbox One's $499 price tag gives advantage to PS4, Wii U in console wars

Gimme Gimme Games writes that Microsoft's $499 price tag on the Xbox One could be a mistake and gives Sony and Nintendo some serious advantages in regards to their PS4 and Wii U pricing.

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GiggMan1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

That was the main negative about the conference for me. Higher then expected and they didn't address any of my DRM concerns at all during the presser...

BadboyCivic1955d ago

I can see Sony PR guys laughing now

DJMarty1955d ago

$499, £429+LIVE SUBS



Godmars2901955d ago

"they didn't address any of my DRM concerns"

You honestly expected them to? Said if they think that they could get away with not talking about problems they wouldn't talk about them. And they didn't

Doubt they'll talk about increases for XBL until they have to.

NewZealander1955d ago

its actually cheaper then i expected, seriously do people expect them to give it away?

and is it just me or are there far too many sony kids spamming xbox articles? i own both current consoles, i far prefer xbox, but that doesn't mean im going to read every sony article just so i can whine like a baby, mind you thats giving sony kids far too much credit i don't even think they read xbox articles, just flock in to spam, pathetic.

mario191955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Since they did it to the PS3...


50$ for mandatory online Xbox Live Gold?


xJumpManx1955d ago

When the ps4 is more will you apologise.

mario191955d ago

Sorry kid, unlike Microsoft, Sony learns from their mistakes

TheBrit1955d ago

Exactly - everyone thinks that Sony is going to release the PS4 dirt cheap and blow the Microsoft pricing structure away - I doubt it.

Sony up until recently when they started offloading real estate to make money back were in pretty big financial trouble - t.v division wasn't going well, taking losses here there and everywhere - they cannot afford to build this thing and take 100's of dollars in losses just to beat Microsofts price point.

Components, R&D, employees, factories etc. all cost money - if they tried selling the PS4 at a huge loss just to one-up MS on the price they would be doomed.

joeorc1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

"Exactly - everyone thinks that Sony is going to release the PS4 dirt cheap and blow the Microsoft pricing structure away - I doubt it."

just like everyone said there was no way the PSVita was going to be cheap, and it was!

Sony's development in 3D stacked TSV chip production yields has been one of the very large investments that Sony has been investing into, the fact that many do not know this here on N4G does not take away from the fact that Sony is better invested in to 3D stacked TSV's than many company's right now. And you are going to be in for a real shock when the price advantage without near red ink crippling loss'es will not be going to Sony like it did with the PS3.

Because if you really think this is going to be like the PS3 production of High cost low yield components, than you are really going to be shocked.

At this point i would not be betting against Sony for a price advantage over Microsoft , because thats what happens when you spend billions over a 15 year point, to make way for production SOC's that are 3D stacked, when your product is designed for long term, not short term shelf life production cycle.

Vip3r1955d ago

Does it come with the new headset too or is that extra?

weekev151955d ago

were there not rumours of $90 games? Ill wait a few years for a price cut and to avoid the inevitable new console dearth of games/teething problems.

quantae061955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

@Mario19 Isn't Xbox Live 60$ now?

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xJumpManx1955d ago

I bet the ps4 is more. Sony is always good for a way to high price.

GiggMan1955d ago

Sony's was so expensive last gen because Blu Ray was a new technology, they are cheap now. With the xbox ones hardware I just can't see the $500 price tag.

wampdog291955d ago

Again, it wasn't ONLY Blu-ray that made it expensive. It was a few things. ANother was the Cell CPU.

weekev151955d ago

Could be the cost of the cloud network they claim to have setup. Now all they need to do is get ISPs to lay some fibre so people could actually use the cloud gaming concept.

killacal131955d ago

Hell, even if the Ps4 is more expensive( which I doubt), it still has better hardware, no paywalls, and no mandatory kinect, which btw I think is what brought the ONE's price up, still today's conference from microsoft was better than I expected, still PS4 ftw.

xJumpManx1955d ago

You would have to think Sony would include their crappy eye camera thing as well this gen. Or have they completly gave up on PS move alraedy.

dantesparda1954d ago

You mean like ms' sh!tty kinect camera thing, are they still pushing that casual crap?

whoyouwit041955d ago

I guarantee PS4 will be the same if not more.

Minato-Namikaze1955d ago

That would be awful would it not? Kinect 2.0 drove up the cost and not the tech the put into the mahcine. So you'd be paying the same for less...Who does that?

_QQ_1955d ago

Pretty sure the move eye is going to bump up the price.

SpinalRemains1955d ago

With no mandatory eyetoy, how would they justify such a price? The architecture is not warranted to be that much.

We can see why One is 500 bucks with Kinect, but why do you see PS4 being more?

whoyouwit041955d ago

well, we will find out to night.

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