Battlefield 4 - E3 Gameplay Footage

DSOGaming writes: "DICE and Electronic Arts have revealed a new gameplay trailer for Battlefield 4. We expect to see more about Battlefield 4 during EA's conference, so this won't be the last trailer for DICE's upcoming first person shooter. But for now, enjoy this new gameplay trailer below."

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pompombrum1954d ago

Really? I wasn't all that impressed.. also is it me or does it look like they've drastically taken away the recoil to the point where it almost looks like cod?

mikeslemonade1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Meh.. The game didn't even meet expectations because that was single player. That would have been more acceptable if it was multiplayer. The water looked terrible. The graphical quality of the water was like a PS3. The jets looked like PS3 too.

guitarded771954d ago

Would have been better had they not had the technical difficulties when trying to show the gameplay. It just felt clunky going into the demo. Still excited for the game though... I buy Battlefield for the online experience anyway.

greenpowerz1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I couldn't believe what I was looking at.

I was thinking to myself This isn't possible. No fing way. No fing way. No fing way.

It's the most impressive game ever shown on any platform IMO. The water and wave physics killed Most CGI movies. Lighting and textures don't seem possible.

I watched this on XBL with a 46" tv.

mikeslemonade1954d ago

Well if you look at the game and not compare it too anything else then yes you are correct. Games right now are impressive in general but due to competition you have to set your standards higher. Compare the water to every game this generation and I will tell you that it's not even top 5. From Uncharted to Bioshock just to name a few..

SilverKiller1954d ago

i think this one was running on console the other one looked better if you ask me in any case i am not impressed still waiting for multiplayer details and trailer and for PC maximun settings

elhebbo161954d ago

it was probably the gun, there are some guns in BF3 that feel like they have virtually no recoil. they still havent shown off the LMG's or the slow assualt rifles.

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badz1491954d ago

it's basically a CoD made with Frostbite Engine! WTF is DICE thinking? "we can beat CoD, so let's make a CoD of our own"??

StraightPath1954d ago

DAMN AMAZING SHOW MICROSOFT has redeem themselves so many exclusives! so many bombshells like Dead Rising 3 exclusive! damn just destroyed sony reveal show how on earth will Sony match this. So many games to even list!!

KwietStorm1954d ago

So now we're comparing their actual E3 stage show to Sony's initial reveal?

S_C1954d ago

enjoyed the conference but daaam where was the gameplay

HaMM4R1954d ago

Other than the far better graphics, it looked like bf3.5 to me. Shame really. I suppose i'll have to reserve my proper judgement until after ive seen the MP gameplay.

ATi_Elite1954d ago


First thing that came to mind was Crysis 2.....and that's a BAD THING!

Screw the SP just show me the Got Dam 64 player Conquest Mode!

dale_denton1954d ago

now this looks next gen infinity ward, take notes.

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WorldGamer1954d ago

Someone upload a direct feed or clearer vid please. Looks promising from what I can see tho, love BF.

Larry L1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I just watched it on TV in HD, it looked pretty good. Like PC BF3 at very high settings. I wasn't wowed though to be honest. Though the technical difficulties at the show were frustrating. You could see at the end, that the guy from Dice or EA....wherever he was from.....was pretty pissed.

I also noticed MS and some of the other devs, Dice included and the Halo announcement and nothing else girl.....made a big deal out of 60fps. BF3 and Halo 4 aren't already 60fps? I'm not a fan of either franchise, but I thought Halo 4 at least was 60fps and I thought BF3 was too.......guess not. The crowd seemed to react loudly to the 60 fps mentions but I wonder if that was the same kind of "crowd" that was at the X1 announcement event.

Funny thing about 60fps though. One of the few First Person Shooters I like, Killzone, is the one FPS that specifically stays at 30fps to keep the distinctive feel of the game. Though the other FPS I love is Unreal Tournament, and if that's not running at least 60fps I can hardly play it because it feels like it's CRAWLING. Weird.

Christopher1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Felt like a CoD demo. way too much focus on cinematic. I mean, really, when in a gun fight you're going to stop and watch and follow a plane sliding off the edge of the ship?

john21954d ago

gotta agree with cgoodno. Too much scripted stuff going on. Let's hope that the MP footage that will be revealed at EA's conference will be better

Crazyglues1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Yeah I'm going to agree too...

I was like when did Battlefield start doing all these scripted CoD stop and watch action cinematic stuff...
-But Most people don't buy this for the campaign anyway..

Let's hope we see Multi-player at the EA show.


Ok they just confirmed on their Facebook we will see multi-player at the EA show -

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swishersweets200311954d ago

not trying to hate on you, but if they made the story mode more like bf3 people would just bitch it wasnt "exciting enough." now that they make something more action packed it automatically becomes "oh its a cod rip off".. make up your mind people.

Christopher1954d ago

You can make it exciting and still focus on gunplay and combat than taking times to look at what's happening in the environment rather than who's shooting at you.

Crazyglues1954d ago

@ swishersweets20031

yeah I'll agree with that, I mean they are in a tough spot, gamers are going to complain either way.. -it's tough to please everyone.

-But I just want them to go in new directions - but yeah it's really not that bad, but I don't know if they have really did it the right way, for it to be exciting.

For example -- the plane is sliding down the runway but you can stand fine (kinda takes me out of the realism).. -so it just came off as hold on let me insert set piece here, ok, now continue...

Instead of -- I'm shooting down the landing strip -whole thing pauses and you see a plane coming down trying to land on the runway and crashes and burns taking out that whole side with a huge explosion...

It's about how you do the set pieces.. the first trailer when they are hanging off the side of the building and the chopper crashes that looked amazing... here it looked a little more tacked on... (if I'm explaining it right)

-and that's just imo.. I'm just saying if your going to do it, do it epic.

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RegorL1954d ago

@ crazyglues, physics!
Once a plane has started to glide it will continue, especially on a wet surface. Notice that the plane starts from a position with much steeper angle.

But plane wings did feel a bit too easy to break IMHO.

Hufandpuf1954d ago

The guy playing the demo looked at the plane to show the fidelity of the graphics. And shooting the plane is optional, not mandatory.

Crazyglues1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Yeah I just saw this again on their facebook page, I had a bad feed, forget everything I said...

It looks amazing...

In the feed I was watching of the MS E3 you could not really tell this is happening in real time, @ Hufandpuf, yeah I could not tell that from the bad feed I had..

This is now amazing... it looked unreal, just Awesome, even the water washing up on the deck I didn't see all that...

-I see they added the video above, just watched it in 720p-

it looks awesome I stand corrected..

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GiantFriendlyCrab1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

looks like a typical Michael Bay movie

coolmast3r1954d ago

I'm not impressed to be honest. Just another shooter. PEW-PEW.

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