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Prcko1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

That's 2 MUCH, expected 450$ maxx,meh...

FriedGoat1957d ago

Hmm, That conference was better than I expected. I still don't like the DRM shizz, but the lineup looks good.

loulou1957d ago

agreed great conference. 50 more than i thought it would cost but i am onboard day one... my girlfriend is going to go berserk when i buy both consoles before christmas..

and titanfall looks a fooking beast

AntoineDcoolette1957d ago

Mmmm $499 console. Your move, Sony, your move. Please don't repeat PS3 launch.

Thatguy-3101957d ago

Yea i agree. Not going to purchase one but the conference was pretty good. A lot of games were shown which was a relieve. Ryse was the IP that got my most interest from the whole conference.

stage881957d ago

Thanks MS, now Sony can swoop in a lower price and kill the bone.

DeanSanchez1957d ago

No company should follow the PS3's launch price models. Lol

Bad decision Microsoft.

mikeslemonade1957d ago

If there were enough games then I wouldn't mind paying $499. However Titanfall was the only game that looked impressive gameplay wise. Their best looking exclusive was Ryse which didn't play well. Other then that there were lots of "real time" trailers.

THE-COMMANDER1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Yea better conference than the first, but that doesn't mean it's a great conference, no great games was shown that makes you buy a console for $499 , the most game that i liked is Ryse as an Xbox exclusive.

But the best game shown was MGS, Man that was awesome.

sunnygrg1957d ago

Even if the PS4 is as cheap as $399, I can't buy both consoles now. I will have to take into account the money I need to spend on games as well. I have to go with the console with free online.

abzdine1957d ago

looks like people only base their buy on the price. DRM is a deal breaker, no matter if they showed Versus XIII exclusive day one release.

Sony, your turn!
Naughty Dog, Square Enix on stage!

Blacktric1957d ago

>"great conference"


Rainstorm811957d ago

Project Spark was another game that looked Amazing....OOO the possibilites

499 is a bit higher than i wanted to pay but i planned on waiting a while to see how this DRM works out

badz1491957d ago

they redesigned the ""already good looking" 360 into the XBone design! talk about dumb decision LOL!

MAJ0R1957d ago

Too high, for that price you could build a good gaming PC.

tehpees31957d ago

This is nearly the exact same price Sony asked for PS3 when it launched. If they couldn't get away with it what makes MS think they can?

raytraceme1957d ago

Project Spark and Black Tusk game only games that caught my attention. Project spark is on Windows 8 so no loss there :D Otherwise I am glad I only need to buy the PS4 and I now got money leftover for a new gpu for my pc.

thechosenone1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

You have to remember that doesn't include taxes! My take on the price...hahhahahhahahhahahhahh aahahahahahahhahahahahahaaaaaa a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mr_Nuts1957d ago

Good conference but thats how they get you

You go "Wow this looked amazing, I'm going to get an Xbox One....I don't mind the DRM and giving away my rights if this is what I'm getting"

Then once it's out and most of the games E3 will be crap

decrypt1957d ago

Dam 499usd is too high, werent consoles supposed to be cheap. I could easily build a PC with that money with much better specs and have BC with last 25 years.

egidem1957d ago

The ball is now in Sony's court. I'd have to admit that the press conference was better than I expected it to be. For $499 however, it's too expensive for me. I'll see what happens in the future.

Only thing that remains is to see what Sony will do. They already have several advantages, one of them being that they haven't even shown the console yet!

3-4-51957d ago

Yea they showed some games I actually want to play...

* A Good amount of Open world games too, which are always welcome.

* That Spark game looked good and the other Open world game. They almost all looked good but I'm still not 100% sold on Xbox.

They did help themselves but we still have more E3 so my opinion is still open.

JokesOnYou1957d ago

Hell yeah, I'm in....micro showed me exactly what I wanted to see= CORE GAMES. F-ing day One!

3-4-51957d ago

If sony was going to to launch at $400...they could bump it up to $450 before their live conference and nobody would know the difference and they would still have a console $50 cheaper/less expensive than XB1.

Boody-Bandit1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I was shocked when they announced $499 MSRP and the crowd gave an underwhelming response. Already the general census on the net are mostly saying that's too much.

I didn't see anything that really impressed me graphically. Nor did I see anything that made me say, "ah the hell with it, I'm a gamer, yeah they are sticking it to me but I just gotta have this new console."

Although TitanFall looked like it will fun. Not graphically impressive but definitely looks like there is fun to be had with some mechs.

The announcement I was most anticipating was will they FINALLY revive Killer Instinct. YES they are BUT it looks like Street Fighter IV (cell shading and could be done on current hardware) and has the same engine KI did on the N64 (not fluid 60fps frame rates but the old school engine). Very disappointing.

bangshi1957d ago

More expensive in the UK than the PS3 was at launch!


NatureOfLogic1957d ago

So we'll get the superior hardware with the PS4 at a cheaper price. MS is doomed to fail miserable if Sony under cuts.

gaffyh1957d ago

PS3 was £425 at launch, this is MORE expensive and a lot worse in many many ways. They showed some great games, as I expected, but they didn't even mention the DRM issues and had the gall to say "We Listened" when they announced Killer Instinct. The best thing at this event was TitanFall (I would bet this is a timed exclusive, if I was a betting man), but that is nowhere near enough for me to buy this console at such a high price.

MORE EXPENSIVE THAN A PS3 AT LAUNCH. Microsoft really must be smoking something.

Enemy1957d ago

Timed exclusives out the ass and overpriced console. Good going, Microsoft.

TotalHitman1957d ago

£430 = $670, what are Microsoft thinking?!We're used to getting ripped off in the UK, but this is just ridiculous when the US and Europe are paying $499/€499.

fr0sty1957d ago

Great games shown, but you can't polish a turd. I refuse to buy a $499 box that doesn't even let me own my games.

mikeslemonade1957d ago

I think it's a good price. I don't like it when it's too affordable for everybody because then it loses that new and fad appeal. Right now no one gets excited about PS3 and 360 because everyone has one already. PS3 and 360 are obsolete. It's just the nature the beast. Stop complaining about the price you poor children.

darthawesome901957d ago

I agree the lineup looks very good. I am concerned about the overabundance of FPS though...

Now lets see how the PS4 compares for better or worse.

fr0sty1957d ago

I don't like the console, but their software is solid. There's nothing I can say about that. I'll definitely want to check out the new Killer Instinct, just for the nostalgia.

This generation for Microsoft seems more and more like last gen for Sony. A very expensive console with the promise of good games. However, Microsoft also has this nasty DRM shadow hanging over them this time, which is rumored to only get worse (supposedly more announcements regarding DRM coming at Gamescom, rumor has it).

Going toe to toe with a more powerful console at what will likely end up being a higher price point is not going to be easy for them. I guess they're betting on "the cloud" to be able to keep people thinking "it'll only get better!".

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mario191957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


darthv721957d ago

for other platforms. I certainly was expecting it to be $500 but would liked it better at cheaper price.

They can always lower the price after launch. Nintendo, sony and even sega have all done that.

mario191957d ago

lol Darth.. do not forget. Xbox One requires mandatory online. 549$ with mandatory Xbox Live

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

M$ just killed my XBoner. :((

Commandar_Shepard1957d ago

Way too high. And it's so dissapointing because they had a great conference aside from the technical difficulties.

I mean Dead Rising 3 and an Insomniac Exclusive? KILLER INSTINCT?! Megatons. Although it's dissapointing for me that I may not get to play the next Halo.

And why not call it Halo 5?

monkey nuts1957d ago

With VAT added to the uk rrp the actual cost is £515. OMFG that's way overpriced for the current market. Add the price of a couple of games, and Xbox live and it's in redonkuolus territory. I bought the 360 at launch and it cost me £380 with pgr3 and kameo, ps3 cost me £450 with heavenly sword and resistance (Game were doing specials). Well if I ended up getting one ( which I won't due to the drm) then I'd wait at least 6 to 12 months before even thinking about it.

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bicfitness1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Dead on Arrival. Sony will do $399 now, for sure.

To recap, unless it said "exclusive" under the Xbone logo that flashed after trailers, its not. So a bunch of shooters and multiplats (MGS V, BF 4, Witcher 3, and another I think). Everything else was known/ leaked beforehand except for that world building game, that looks interesting, I'll admit. Not $500 and a DRM nightmare interesting though.

See this list. CBoat (Neogaf leaker) nailed everything.

zebramocha1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@bic there is a kotaku report to suggest that the ps4 could retail at $425-$525 but could be subject to change.

darthv721957d ago

then it would be like Sega saturn all over again.

saturn announced at $399 and then sony announced PS for $299.

adorie1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Yes he did. Keep in mind that more DRM details are slated for GDC.

Only the hardcore Microsoft fanboy sare refuted this very reliable source of information.

Notice I said Microsoft fanboys? Because even Xbox fanboys are not so gullible to ride on every anti-consumer detail as something positive.

morganfell1957d ago

I think the PS3 will ship in two versions. Basic model and a second model with camera and more. Basic will come in at $399. Advanced at $450 - $499.

FunAndGun1957d ago

Killer Instinct
Sunset Overdrive
Forza 5
Quantum Break
Project Spark
Crimson Dragon
Dead Rising 3
the Witcher 3
Black Tusk game

I thought that was a good list of exclusives and the conference was definitely all about games. Not enough to make me get xboned though.

Darrius Cole1957d ago

I'm not sure that the PS4 will ship at $399. It doesn't matter as long as it doesn't ship at more than $499. Even if is ships at $499 like the Xbone. It'll still win out, because of all the DRM the MS is putting on the Xbone games.

Prices are sticky. What that means is that once someone conditions the market to pay a certain price for a product, that producers of that product are resist to lower their price even if they succeed at lowering the cost.

That is why Micorsoft (or Sony for that matter) will not lower the prices of their new games even though they are trying to push the market toward digital downloads.

JokesOnYou1957d ago

Well they launched a $299 and $399 xbox 360 in 2005, so $499 for move advance hardware+kinect in 2013 seems like a great value to me.

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DonFreezer1957d ago ShowReplies(4)
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


That is why it's that price.

After seeing the show sony will have this one made.

Dead Rising & titanfall looks awsome though.

On top of all that they didn't show kinect for gaming.

They are basically sayin just pay for the sh!t. "Trust us"

But forget everything I just said.

I just want to see the Naughty Gods later tonight!!!

Simon_Brezhnev1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Compared to the last 3 years i give the conference a 10. lol

I give the conference a 6/10.

changed rating because of price lol


I know right they want customers to forget about the drm. Too bad youtube got some popular people mad about it and dedicating their whole channel for people not to buy Xbone. LOL

Minato-Namikaze1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

7.0 because they didnt address DRM. But comapared to the reveal which was a smooth 1.0 thats improvement.

wenaldy1957d ago

It was their agenda not to adressing DRM fiasco, they'll unveil it on Gamescom (according to rumor on GAF).

Commandar_Shepard1957d ago

The conference gets 8/10 for the games alone but it's dragged down to a 5 because of the price.

kneon1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

That's right, leave it for Gamescon where even fewer of the mainstream gamers and media are going to hear about it.

What happened to "Wait until E3", now it's "Wait until GamesCon"?

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liorishot1957d ago

Kaz must be laughing his head off right now

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Kaz was at the MS show. And he loves the price.

His master plan is going according to plan.

TheBlackSmoke1957d ago

So let me get this straight, its 499 for the right to rent games at full price?

2pacalypsenow1957d ago

Don't forget we finally get a guide to watch cable and satellite

TheBlackSmoke1957d ago

so true, i take it all back

torchic1957d ago

add $60 just to play online.

fourOeightshark1957d ago

It's actually like $560 because of the Live subscription.

egidem1957d ago

In the beginning I was a bit surprised to hear they are releasing some free games on Xbox...until I realized it's for only Gold members. Kinda kills the whole purpose of "free" games.

Commandar_Shepard1957d ago

There lies the problem, not only is it $499, you also have:

XBL Fees
Used Game Restrictions
24 Hour Check in

All these are on top of paying for new games.

Tultras1956d ago

120$ Actually, if you're going for a subscription to play online with, your obviously going to get a game too.

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I_am_Batman1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

This is insane. If the PS4 will be cheaper it'll be really a bad start for MS I guess.

AlaaAlii1957d ago

I think the PS4 will be cheaper, at least should be, because the $499 Microsoft is asking for is a console + the TV shit.

Ooh if the PS4 is cheaper. A more powerful console, promising exclusives, free PS+ games every month, and a better single player gaming experience...for less than the price of that DVR.

Blackdeath_6631957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

europe gets ripped off big time on the price way to expensive in the uk we pay $668.87 but US gets it for $500 that's bullshit. if ps4 is cheaper its game over for xbone imo specially since ps4 better specs

T21957d ago

ya thats a bullsht price for euro... Canadian will be 50 bucks more as per usual, even though our dollar is normally par...
So 549 Canadian... sorry MS, I liked titanfall, but not THAT much.