What the hell is going on with next-gen?

Bracken Lee-Rudolph from ITF Gaming writes: Yes, I know this is a topic that has been cut up, dissected, diced, thinly sliced and in some cases, torn apart bare-handedly in recent times, but to be quite frank, what the hell is going on with next-gen? While this is more a piece on the Xbox One than the PS4 going into E3, I’m quite worried about the fate of console gaming as it stands, as the systems put forward for next-gen consoles are looking increasingly invasive and restrictive, much like that very touchy-feely airport security guard. So what is going wrong?

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2pacalypsenow2894d ago

Microsoft... throwing money everywhere and making it a closed system with no freedom to the gamer. We are now just a number to them

nugnugs2894d ago

The businessmen/women. They ruined films, music and probably games for me now. Oh and the fools that buy into the crap.

Saigon2894d ago

^ I think all three of the first comments missed the point of the article. With all of the restrictions applied by MS with the Xbone it is changing gaming but the real thought is why has this occurred. Well if you look at all the illegal crap that has been going on for years with gaming consoles; MS thinks the defined a way to answer the hacker community. The sad part is that stand up gamers that actually support systems don't hack and we have to pay the price. I don't think with the restrictions applied, MS didn't realize what they were creating and what they were applying until the gamers spoke up. Remember the details applied within their Xbone FAQs/information sheet won't occur during launch, they will occur in time though. The conference they presented was good, because they only showed games; Nothing regarding the controversial system, just the games. This won't save them, but it is a start. Now lets see what Sony has to say!

CataclysmicDawn2893d ago

The thing is, the past has already shown that this type of DRM is not viable. SimCity and Diablo on release were meltdowns and gamers continued to complain against their rubbish systems. I think if nothing else, gamers must speak with their wallets this gen and not buy a system they don't agree with.

However, concerning their E3 presentation, I can see why they didn't have a Q&A, because it would have been all focused on their systems rather than their games, which they didn't want.

Saigon2893d ago

So now after Sony Conference. How do you really feel. You have one system that offers DRM type policies and another that is open.

CataclysmicDawn2893d ago

Can't reply to your other comment, so I'm replying to this one.

I honestly feel that if Sony retains the support of third-party devs, their console is poised to dominate next-gen, and rightly so. It is a console with the gamer in mind from its tech to its policies to its comparatively low price.

I think the Xbox One will either need to offer its buyers some massive incentive or amazing exclusives to get anywhere near the PS4.

Saigon2893d ago


They do have some good exclusives; but it really applies to the DRM policies they have in place to whether or not they will be successful with this system. I know several people that still want to get the system regardless of the DRM rules, which is great in my opinion but its not for me. I can't see myself stooping that low just to get a system that has that many restrictions. I am a hardcore gamer not a casual gamer.

jakemail2893d ago

What the heck is "what went worng" supposed to mean?

CataclysmicDawn2893d ago

Well, it's an ironic play on words. It uses the clause "What went wrong?" and then ironically misspells "wrong". There's no more straightforward answer than that.

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