E3 2013 – Dead Rising 3 Exclusive to Xbox One, First Details

First details for Dead Rising 3.

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wantedboys1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

is it time Exclusive or Exclusive

PockyKing1955d ago

Announced it at the end of the presentation that it is.

georgeenoob1955d ago

Did you not hear the conference? He said it was ONLY POSSIBLE on Xbox One with its Cloud feature.

psyxon1955d ago

you kids fall for it every time lol.

Rainstorm811955d ago

Exclusive and it sucks because a really really want to play this game it looks Amazing. .but I wont have a X1 day one

StraightPath1955d ago

metric tonne exclusive game!! dayummm

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Godmars2901955d ago

If its exclusive, why wasn't it announced and shown at the main conference?

PockyKing1955d ago

Here's a second source for you - rising-3-announced-for-xbox-one /

More than likely a timed exclusive, but for now it's exclusive.

Godmars2901955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

The Gametrailers feed cut off on me in the first hour and I was dumb enough to think that was it.

Also MS has a habit of using the term "Exclusive" like tic-taks.

Gravitic1955d ago

Its a complete exclusive. Much like DR1, so you can not play it or get an X1 and play it. Its up to you. This is not a timed exclusive lol, he said ONLY for X1.

Studio-YaMi1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

lot's of games were ONLY exclusives for xbox360,then they jumped ships to PS3.

So I won't exclude that thought entirely now.

Gravitic1954d ago

So tell me at what point did Dead Rising 1 come to Playstation??? Yes, 2 did but Dead Rising 3 won't, have you never heard of a legally binding exclusivity contract before?

Gravitic1954d ago

Ofc Dead Rising 4 could come to Playstation. 3 cant because of exclusivity contract.

Gamemax1955d ago

Dr1 also xbox 360 so without any doubt dr3 will be xbox one exclusive

matrixman921955d ago

i hope crapcom dies for this

oasdada1955d ago

not surprised that allthe big names in gaming market want s slice of DRM... though not so surprised with EA but Capcom? damn and i thought they cared about gaming and us gamers.. really heart broken capcom i hate u now :(

AedanClarke1955d ago

Jesus Christ, you're slow on Capcom, aren't you? They've showed nothing but an blind desire to that dosh for years now. They haven't given the illusion, as Sony has, that they care for years now.

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The story is too old to be commented.