PS3 screenshot blowout.

New PlayStation 3 shots of Unreal Tournament, Need for Speed, Madden, Rainbow Six, NHL2K7 and Full Auto 2.

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God of Gaming5893d ago

Nothing that blows me away. (Back to looking at GOW screenshots) :)

Retard5893d ago

I see acouple of misplaced pixels!!! OMG!

Retard5893d ago

All things aside... UT2007 looks amazing.. I'm really impressed with it.

DJ5892d ago (Edited 5892d ago )

It's kind of funny that Unreal Tournament 07 looks graphically superior to Gears, despite the fact that both titles use Unreal Engine 3 and are being developed by the same company (with separate teams of course). O well, we already know the hardware story. The Need for Speed and Rainbow Six screens looked pretty awesome as well.

Grown Folks Talk5892d ago

we do know the hardware story. devs say the 360 gpu is better and will pull ahead in the near future. devs say the ps3 cpu is stronger and is capable of more at once. so if you're going to listen to the devs when they say the ps3 cpu is better, then why not listen when those same devs say the 360 gpu is better? and those pics don't look graphically superior than gears. they just look different.

peksi5891d ago

I may be wrong here but I remember reading from 3rd parties that PS3 has more computing power than the xbox360.

Also because it is more difficult to program it's games will reach efficient CPU utilization during next 3-4 years while Xbox360 will reach it in 1-2 years.