Next-generation SmartGlass announced as natively built into Xbox One

Marc Whitten came on stage to talk about Xbox Live and SmartGalss, SmartMaps, game DVR and options for broadcasting gameplay. A demonstration of it was shown using Ryse. You can look at leaderboards, achievements and how the timeline changes dynamically.

Christopher3826d ago

Kind of a no-brainer. It's the new "kinect".


Blizzard is reportedly asking Diablo 4 players if they're okay with $100 DLC

VG247 writes: "The survey has multiple questions about different potential price points for the DLC, and what each price would include to justify it. $50, $70, $80, $100 are the four different price tiers listed, with each offering more and more incentives."

Snookies1217h ago

Lol! Expansion should be titled "Vessel of Greed" not Hatred.

Gamingsince198156m ago

It's just MS trying to make some money back from the 69 billion they paid I assume, it will only take them about 30 years.

OtterX17h ago

I'm not okay with the intial $69.99 purchase I made, much less $100.00 DLC.

Crows9029m ago

Right!! This company smoking something strong lol

Kaii14h ago

*The door-in-the-face technique is a persuasive strategy that involves making a large, unreasonable request first, followed by a smaller, more acceptable one.

Modern monetization ftl

OtterX3h ago

Most likely this. They'll release it at 79.99, which is still way too much, but now it looks like a deal to the braindead masses.

Einhander197212h ago

C'mon guys we only need to buy 700,000,000 of em!

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Crows9025m ago


Dude I came to this article to write the same damn thing. Good job making it the first comment my man!

Minute Man 7211h ago

Showing these "vaporware" at the game awards